Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey there!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I heard the Riders won and are still tied for number 1!!! WOOOOHOOO! Remember when the Riders won the cup?????

Its been a while since I've written again (sorry) but we STILL don't have Internet in our place! UGGGHHHH! Our landlord is supposed to call the company TODAY and get on it for us finally. SO...once again I find myself sitting in the SAME internet cafe with the same weird-o's around me. I think it's time to get Internet because the guy who works here thinks we are bff's now or something. The other day he offered Marlee cake! Hahaha...

I taught Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this past week. Thursday and Friday were at the same school and I had an AMAZING time! The school was beautiful, the kids were well behaved and the staff was helpful, what else do you need! I didn't show up until around 10 am on Friday morning because it took the time that it does to have a baby to get to the school. On the way to the school though, you'll NEVER believe what I saw....COWWWSSSS....CABOSS! I tried to contain my excitment on the tube but was smiling like I just saw a miracle being performed! People like usual thought that I was crazy! But cows, yes a field of cows, is something I didn't expect to see while here! ANNYYWWAAYYYSSS...I WILL NOT let cows totally take over my whole blog and get compeletely sidetracked. I got to the school and my class was in their room and I walked in and a little girl said in amazement "WOW..YOU are beautiful!" How cute is that, after that ego boost I knew it was going to be a good day, and it was! I read them some books, played some games, did some school work and before I knew it was I was sending them home! It took me another three days to get home because their were severe delays on the tube. Their was a "person on the track" issue like there is at least once a week.
On Friday I also had another great day at the school. The kids and me had by this time got to know eachother and they laughed at me for things I said and I laughed at them for things they'd said. For example I said to one little boy "WOW awesome work!" He looked at me like i was nutso, turns out they don't say AWESOME here. I didn't say pants at all this time so that saved me some embarrassment! The whole afternoon we just made halloween crafts.Hard work!
On the weekend me and Marlee didn't do anything much at all. Just relaxed and watched some television and some walking around. On Saturday night we were GLUED to the TV for X-factor which is the England version of Canadian Idol. ITS HUGE here. Everyone watches it! So we decided it's best if we also got addicted. Simon from American Idol is on it. It's much more extravagent that American Idol with backup dancers and fireworks and yada yada yada.
On Sunday we woke up around 8:30 and did some tinkering around. Marlee called our landlord around what we thought was 9:30. Turns out the time had changed, meaning Marlee had called her at around 8:30 on a Sunday mornin! WOOOPPSSSS!!!! Our landlord said "did you KNOW the time changed today??" We were totally out of the loop, we would have gone on with our lives and not even known the difference! We are now only 6 short hours ahead of you now! We decided to go exploring in our backyard (literally almost) we headed out to this park across from our house and found out that there were all these trails and a river and nature. We walked around and all of a sudden I spotted APPLE tree. Not any apple tree, this particular apple tree had huge, juicy, red apples hanging from it! I knew right then and there that i HAD to get to that tree. I had about 1938927349 attempts to get through the most prickly raspberry bushes. Whew. It was worse than trying to get through the jungle. Today I'm all scraped up from it, but it was totally worth it! I walked around these bushes trying to get to the prize..apples. Marlee stood on the sidelines laughing like it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen. I finally found a clearing and got to the apples. I got a stick and started knocking apples out of the tree! Amazing! They were delicious! I would like to take this time to thank my Grandpa John for the NEEEDD to get to the best fruit tree in the bush. After the apple extravangza me and marlee continued. We took about nine thousand pictures of us in the autumn leaves. it was SOOO much fun! (See facebook for all these adventures photographs)
We then went home and had a couple beer and played some MOOSE with meaghan and her friend from london Andy. It was a blast! Then we settled in for a quiet night of the x-factor result show.

Overall, although we didn't do anything crazy i had a great weekend! Next weekend we are going to find somewhere to go for Halloween. Right now schools in London are on midsemester break, a whole week!

Thing's I've Learned...

1) Orange Squash...ISN'T orange mixed with the fruit of squash like I thought. It is a concentrated orange juice that you add water too. They call it Orange Squash because the orange is literally squashed! It is their version of juice crystals or frozen juice. hehehehhehehehe.

2)Janelle asked me to ask the kids what a donkey said. We say "eeeee---aahhhh" however HERE they say "eeee---orrr" (apparently that is where eyore from winnie the poo got his name) Although I forgot to ask the kids I asked Andy...he said they say eee--orr how funny is that!! (I bet everyone just said that outloud to try it!)

3) Kids here do not know what a backpack is. I said that it was time for them to get their backpacks and they looked at me like I had said something in French! It's a bookbag and ONLY a bookbag---there is no different words for it!

Alright! Until next time....see ya later!


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