Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Spice up your life!

Hello everyone!!
From what I'm reading on facebook...Happy Snow Day!!

Today was a good day! Not once did we get stressed out. AND we made it to a building without getting lost on the streets. We are quick learning grasshoppers. We went to the area of London Wall. Never have I seen so many suit's on men. It was crazy. Some were very good looking too, I can't wrap my head around that there are so many people who work in business here, what happened to the farmers? Who would want to wear a suit and tie and pointy black dress shoes all day- maybe my husband? I don't know!

We had a meeting with CXC global today. They are a company that helps us with our taxes. Basically every week we claim what we have spent that week and get money back on our cheques. WoooWhoooo! We can claim things like 50 pounds of groceries, our oyster cards (oyster cards is basically like a card that you put money on to use the tube and buses) our flight here, our rent and things like that. So she said we'd probably get 40-70 pounds back each week, so that'll be a help.

To be honest that is the only thing we did today. Unless you count the nap me and Marlee had for like two hours. We also watched Bridget Jones and ate a banana. successful day..i think so.

We waited around all day for Natalie our letting agent to call us to give us details about our flat. We 100% have it, which is AMAZING news, however, our landlord wants to put new locks on the door for us, so we have to wait until Friday to move! Which more night in a hostel! I can handle it, I'm cool..I'm calm...I'm gonna be ok uh huh! :)

Things I've learned today...

1) If you plan on visiting, bring an umbrella, it's raining sexy men in suits all the time. (Which isn't always a bad thing) But seriously, it poured all day, again.

2) Here when you order a pizza it doesn't come cut. You get your own pizza and a knife and a fork. The knife is a butter knife, meant to cut...BUTTER, not meant to cut pizza. I have to hack away at my pizza every freakin time just to eat it. By the time I leave my pointer fingers will be able to bench at least 120 pounds, you'll see! William you know how good I am eating properly with a fork and knife, needless to say, I'm quite the sight.

3) "Spice up your life..everyboy and everygirl..spice up your life!" a quote from the ever influential Spice Girls. No matter where you go here, you can be assured the smell of curry will be in the air. I'm sure if you traveled to every tube, bus, train, plane, boat, skateboard park, stable, you'd be able to smell curry. What is up with that!!!!

4)Also, where ever you go, if you do not smell curry, you can be sure to smell something else not natural. For example, me and Marlee constantly are commenting on the scents around us while walking down the street...most of which are not good.

5)The taps here to turn on the water are weird. In the potty room, there is a sink and TWO taps. One is for hot water one is for cold water. Following me? However....they are on the opposite side of the sink, meaning the two waters can never mix. Thus, you either wash your hands in scorching hot water or in freezing cold water. No luke warm water here. I hope our flat has a normal tap.

Alrrrriiiigggghhhhttttyyy then! I'm gone to bed! Have a good evening everyone!


Ps. love you and miss you all!


Chantal said...

Oooooo raining sexy men in suits, that would be quite enjoyable, but seriously not so much the raining part, I've had enough of that here lately. I really can't wait to come visit now. As for the taps, that does sound weird. Too bad the Spice Girls aren't still in the music scene otherwise I'm sure they'd get you girls to star in another movie or be back up dancers or something now that you're on their side of the pond

Jessica Cook said...

Hey Crystal!

Just wanted to say that your trip sounds amazing. I am very proud of you and hope that you have the time of your life. We will really miss you, but I am excited that you are blogging. Now I will never miss a moment of your humour! I had a crappy day at work and reading about your adventures has made me a happy girl.

Keep on rocking in the free world!

Love you lots,


PS back in Preeceville, we had the same kind of faucets in our basement bathroom. We just plugged the sink and let it run, you will get used to it!

William said...

That is so exciting that you have a past to live!

Jolene said...

a) I live in Yorkton, and apparently live in the "London" area of the city, since every sink (both of them) in my apartment has a hot tap and a cold tap. And in the shower, the hot and cold are reversed.

b) My word verification was PUREX. Just yesterday I bought PINK toilet paper, to support breast cancer. Coincidence? Doubtful.

Glad to hear you ladies are having fun, take pictures of hot men in suits for all of us who have to look at riggers and truck drivers all day! ;)

Love the blog, keep it coming. Be good, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.