Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey Everyone! Hope back to work Monday wasn't too horrible!

I've been not too busy since the last post but was just sorta waiting on my Internet, BUT STILL we don't have it! I'm starting to feel right at home in this Internet cafe. In fact, I'm thinking I may start singing Michael Buble soon.

This weekend...
Friday we decided that it was time for us girls to finally hit the big city night life. We traveled for approximately 1.5 hours just to get to the house where we were going. We were going to some sorta housewarming for Nikki's friend. After the house party we went to this pub. At the front it was a pub and at the back it was a club. We had tons of fun dancing and meeting new people. Us and this one group of guys had a blast making fun of each others accents. It's always hilarious when you ask then to talk like you. A "Canadian accent" always comes out in a sort of whiny tone. It's hilarious. I still have not mastered the English accent and am afraid i never will. These guys were from Ireland so that was impossible too. This guy asked me "when you guys hunt, do you hide in trees or up trees." First I thought he was kidding, but nope he was serious, he thought we climbed trees like a bear or something and waited for our prey. I straightened that up pretty quick. This guy also worked for John Deere. Pretty cool! After the pub/club we decided it was time to go home. However....we were soo far away from home we had to catch all these buses. On the bus I decided it was best to make some friends. There were guys from Ireland on there and I said to them " you know James from Dublin." I guess that ONLY works in Canada that we know everyone! We didn't have a map or a clue for that matter of how to get home so i used my famous "in-my-head-compass" and managed to get us from one side of the city to the other. three cheers for me. I wish i would have had a camera on the bus because at 3 in the morning you see some HILARIOUS things! I was seriously laughing out loud to myself. Everyone was sleeping and bobbing around. This one guy managed to spill his whole water bottle on himself because he fell asleep. Another guy, clearly homeless, must have just wanted to ride the bus for a warm sleep. He was banging his head everywhere and was googly eyed. Marlee and Meaghan were both catching flies too! hahahahahahahahahahahaha. SO much to see!
Saturday night we went to the movie Couple's Retreat. See it- it's cute and funny!

Sunday me and Marlee hit up the famous Camden Market. NEVER AGAIN on a Sunday. It was super cool and we found some really sweet souvenirs and some cool jewelery and stuff such as that. We also found Canadian Flags that we snatched up for our Halloween costumes. For Halloween we are simply going to be "Canadian tourists"--how fitting--how clever--i know! We have the whole outfit planned out and have bought red tights and red hair extensions and the whole nine yards. I'm really excited to see the whole things together!

Today I worked at the same nursery as last week. I love it there! The kids were all awesome once again. I'm getting to know the staff and today one of them asked me "which part of Ireland are you from" Apparently I CAN do an Irish Accent!

Things I've learned in the past couple day...

1) Canadian people have the reputation to be the ones to wear the flag on their backpacks. Again someone asked me at the bar..."do you have a flag on your backpack so people know your Canadian NOT American" hahahaha..i said hells yes I'm NOT American!

2) Chocolate is better here than at home. (big fat excuse) Me and Marlee are finding ourselves always eating some form of chocolate. Mars Bars seriously are better here, and that's the truth.

3)There is a Canadian Store here which apparently sells things like kraft dinner, Bicks Pickle's and tins of Tim Horton's Coffee. I bet you actually have to cut off your arm and sell it before you can afford it, but it may be worth it come January!

Alright! Thats all for now!
Love you and miss you all!

Ps. I'm still waiting for the bear skin rug....


Jess Cook said...

Hey Crystal the rug is in the mail!

Carrie Diakow said...

Any time someone brings up a bear skin rug, I always think of Jane. I will tr to bring one over wne I come. Miss you, love you.

Box 329 Neudorf S0A2T0

William said...

I was just thinking about the awesome compass in your head....remember the time you wanted to go west to get to Winnipeg.

mom said...

MOM SAID how can you have an Irish accent.Not so good of hearing over there.The bears are hibernating so can not find a rug.

Crystal MJ said...

Thanks for the rug jess..i aprreciate it!
William...every compass has a fault now and again.jeez.
Mom....wake them up and get one.