Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

I'm doing well, it's been a looonnng hard week, but we're getting through! I haven't been working because it is a slow week for the agency. UGH! Tomorrow I am pre-booked in a nursery clasroom. Here, nursery is ages 3 and 4 year olds and it is in the school and part of the Uk's education system. (which is unlike nursery school in Canada) I am excited to get back in the classroom, and let's talk about it, how hard can little 3 and 4 year olds be. Just pray that there is no poop on the floor for me to deal with! After tomorrow I'll FINALLY have a story about teaching in London. YAY! Me and Marlee have been both applying for teaching jobs directly to school divisions to see if we can nab something from them!

Other than waking up by 6 to be ready to possibly leave the house by 7 we've been keeping ourselves very busy. Me and Marlee are having a BLAST figuring out our new little area. We are discovering so many little gem's like a bakery which makes the best bread ever and this HUGE grocery store! We also discovered the local library and got ourselves a fancy library card...are you impressed?!?!?! I've also almost completed a novel. (SEE Janelle--I CAN READ :) ) Me and Marlee have also completed a "London Bucket List" of things we want to see and do while we are here. It was pretty sawweeett to see all the things that London has. We're planning on making a dent in that list very soon! We also made a plan of other countries we want to visit while here some of which include Greece, Scotland, France and Italy. Pretty stoked about that! Next month we are going to hit up Ireland for a weekend with Rochelle! I can't wait to take all my special visitors around to see some of these things!
We are getting very settled into our little life in London and in the cute little house! I'm going to post some pictures right meow here as I sit in this "creepy guy filled Internet cafe," you guys are lucky! As I sit here I decided it would be best I fill you in on my current atmosphere. To my Left is Marlee creeping on facebook, to HER left is a man who can clearly NOT type and is pecking at the keys with one finger pressing hard enough on each key that it may go through the table--sweet. Behind me is a young gentleman with ear phones on, I can hear Michael Buble's sweet song "You're my Everything." This gentleman also feels the need to loudly mumble the words like he knows them when clearly this is his First Michael Buble experience.. I guess the crazy's come out at this time of included.

Today we decided that we had to do something fun because we were getting bummed out about not working. I mean we ARE in London, I think it MAY be the international "getyourassoutathehouse" place. So, after thinking about our Bucket list we decided that Madame Tuassad's House of Wax is the place we had to be today! After a hour long tube ride we FINALLY got there! One positive about the tube is you can do some major people watching. I want to make a shirt that states "Dear London, stop making out." Like the casual peck on the cheek is fine, but do we HAVE to have down right-hands on ass- tongue down throat-make out session at the tube stop?????? Anyways...that was a rant. So we get to Madame Toussad's and were COMPLETELY taken away. Basically it's this place where there are celebrities made out of wax. Probably the coolest place I've ever been and let's face it I've been to cool places (Preeceville Heritage Museum) I was totally freaked out when I first got in their because I honestly didn't know who was real and who was not. For example, this man kept standing their when i was taking my picture with George Clooney and I mentioned to Marlee that he was just staring- jokes on me. We saw Zac Efron, the Queen, Obama, Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods to name a few. It's like a maze to get through and somehow me and Marlee ended up in the line for the scary part of the wax museum. I now need to buy new pants--shit I thought the Preeceville/Sturgis youth group haunted house was scary. WHEW. Me and Marlee held hands for dear life, we did make it out alive so that's the main thing, but holy! It gave you a warning that people who were pregnant, people who have high blood pressure and all these other health warnings couldn't go in there- I now know why! Also, it is important that whoever you go in there with good circulation in their hand because holy cats did we grab onto each others hands! Anyways, it was UBER cool to see, so when you guys come we'll for sure have to hit it up! One thing on our bucket list---complete!

Things I've learned in the past couple days:

1)If you are in a car, it gives you the right to hit another car while parking. I've seen it about 2134897 times. A car pulls into to do a NICE parallel park and BOOM nicks the car behind or in front. The driver then finishes his park gets out and goes about his business! I don't think this would fly in Canada? Also, you can park any direction on the street whether it is the right or wrong way, if you fit (or even if it's close) you can park there!

2) Cheese here is strong. There is no ranch dressing. The eggs come like they come from Zoria or grandma....fresh from the hen, still with feathers on some of them. Fresh buns and bread is ALWAYS the best (too bad there is no cheese whiz though)

3)The word "Tire" is spelled "tyre" here. We have to walk past this grungy tyre shop to get to our shops and there is this guy who is always whistling at us. Today as we walked by he said "chchchcheeckcking em oouuuttt." Now if I have EVER heard a pick up line--thats it! hahah. We get such a chuckle out of it!

4) The "Post" strikes pretty much every other day. They don't do a big mean strike that lasts for weeks instead they do a pansy lets strike for a day and go back to work tomorrow. I'm thinking that our internet will be in the mail on like Friday or Saturday (Yup they do mail saturday too) Can't wait to get internet at the house!

Alright..Love ya all.
Talk soon.
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Linda Shewchuk said...

glad to see yoru enjoying your trip - what was on your headphones though - maybe you are the!!! have fun!

Bekki said...

well, now I have just GOT to go and check out that Priestville Heritage Museum!

Bekki said...

...and by Priestville I of course mean PREECEVILLE...

Anonymous said...

and by the way, the Preeceville Heritage Museum comes up first when you google "World's best and most legitamite museums"... how do i know this you ask? Simple, me and Channy ran the show there for a few summers. Also did the scary part of the museum have alphagettis/brain in a bowl for you to feel? if not, then it is nowhere near as great as the Youth Group haunted house. P.s. this is katelyn, and i just bribed Bryce into buying me a loaf of bread, sweet deal, i know.

William said...

I don't think I have ever appreciated your humour until now. You crack me up with this blog.

Patty said...

HAHA! Did I not tell you that Madame Toussads was awesome!! Glad to hear that you're having a great time!!