Thursday, October 26, 2006

Online Safety

Hey everyone, sorry i have not written in the last week or so like everyone else the school is catching up to me! I have also been sick, but I finally went to the doctor and got some medicine so I will be better in no time!
So tonight I was watching my favorite show, ONE TREE HILL! Anyways, tonight episode was very interesting. It was mainly about the character "Petyton" who always has pod casts for anyone to watch on the internet. However, there was this stalker dude who was well..stalking her. He showed up at her door posing as her long lost brother after she had said in her pod cast that she had a brother that she had never met. Peyton believed all the lies that this derick dude had to say. He found out everything about her through these pod casts and even foudn out a way to track her down and actually meet her. Anyways, the rest is history, so he shows up posing as her brother and whatever and finally is going to rape her (?) or so the viewer is led to believe. Although this could be called a teenager soap opera it has a lot of real life issues. The idea of online safety defintely came up tonight. It shows that we as people really need to be careful at who is allowed to view such things as podcasts. Podcasts can be great and completely beneficial but in an extreme case such as this can lead to rape or even murder. This guy was so obsessed with peyton that he had a huge tattoo on his back of one of her portraits. This is a serious issue! what do you guys all think?!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday October 16

hello everyone out there. So this weekend was a damn good time! For a weekend when you tell yourself that you are NOT going to go out but instead stay home and get some work done..yeah didn't happen. Friday night went to the pump it was a good time, there was lots of peope there. Some bad stuff went down at the pump that I got blamed for..but honestly was his decision not mine! lol..anywase...saturday night i went over to a friends then hit up denny's for breakfast at 2:30 AM..... Yesterday whew...hit up homework all day with Krysta and Garrett. Wow..we taped Garrett singing a song for us "Dirty Pop" funny funny! ECE class is getting a bit crazy with our crazy project that we are not even done and it is due TOMORROW! AHHHH thats all i really have to say, so until next time catch ya on the flip side...AND please fight your own battles! hahahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


One must love going home back to a very small community. In preeceville if you need to run up town to buy a carton on milk, count on it that it will take about an hour! I just go up town when I get home because my mom needed some cream for the pie :) Anywase...i finally show up back home an hour later. Everyone just loves to visit with you and see how the "big" city is treating you. Its kind of crazy to actually think that people that you hardly know are so interested in how you are doing! It was nice to be home and doing nothing but hanging out. I got a chance to go back to my school and visit a few teachers again. Our school has a thing called the "superseries" and friday night was superspike. Its a GREAT fundraiser that our school puts on. There was about 20 volleyball teams there with lots of fun games. I got a chance to visit with my old grade 2 and 3 teacher there. Shes the best, i love going home to visit with her. She has all these little hints as well as dilemmas that i will have to experience when i get into the career. She is so supportive and I think she'd even die for me if needed LoL! So after the school social time, me and all my highschool graduating friends headed on down to the good old "gw". We convinced the bartenders to give us a good drink special...and they we all had a wonderful time, even if the next morning wasn't so wonderful! Anywase, thats about all i have to say, till next time....keep it between the navigational beacons, and catch ya on the flipside!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

interesting story in the news

So today I was catching up on some interesting news and i came accross this article, you should read it by clicking here!
I found that story VERY interesting. Makes a person wonder, how could a teacher get away with charges like this and no one know about it?! I strongly believe that teachers have to be excellent role models and have to be very careful what they do outside of school. For instance, when I would see my teachers going to the bar, it was such a big deal. Or if i was at a normal Preeceville Ukrainian wedding when the whole town was there and we would see a teacher enjoying a beverage, everyone would be talking. However, all the teachers that i ever seen always have still be very respectful out of school. As i got older and started babysitting for a lot of my teachers i also got to see them a little "intoxicated" at times. For an older student i do not think it is such of a big deal, we understand that they to are people. HOWEVER, in this case it isn't a case of enjoying himself. He was obviously trafficing cocaine. This is not acceptable for a teacher, and espicially for the fact that no one even KNEW he was charged! crazy! I really believe what Bernadette told the press about telling her daughter. "the children develop a sense of trust and confidence towards their teachers..." this is so true. I can not remember not trusting one of my teachers. As a student we believe usually that our teachers are wonderful people whom we can trust. This should be true by all means. I think that Mr. Mamela should not be able to teach simply because of this outrageous act that he's done. Teachers have to be respectful rolemodels and it is obvious that Mr. Mamela is not.