Monday, October 05, 2009


Hey there!
I am still homeless. Who is jealous?

Our day started bright and early at seven am (or a late midnight for you guys back home) when we had to run downstairs in our hostel to find out if someone had canceled their room for tonight. Turns out...we got booted because they were all booked up for that night, so we had to move hostels! UGH! that meant we had to quickly pack up our bags and move on out. The only problem was that we had our meeting with SMART teachers, the company I will be teaching for at 10. That meant there was no way we'd have time to run to this new hostel and make it to our meeting, so we settled for throwing our lives into this luggage room for the day.
I was stressed at it was only was going to be a looonnnggg day!!

We arrived at our meeting exactly on time because we have the tube mastered! We then did lots of paperwork for our job and had a little interview sort of thing, easy peasy! Gabby our consultant was happy that we chose West Ealing to live and assured there would be lots of work out there so that is refreshing!

After we found out that West Ealing (the place I told you we fell in love with yesterday) was a good place to teach the hunt for the perfect little flat begun. We called around 18093737493827 places and set up a few viewings. All the places we'd looked were very cute but more suited for a small family--a lot like our place in Regina. We were looking for somewhere with a bed and a washing machine..thats it. After we were ALL very very very grumpy and I was ready to get back on the plane to Canada cuz i was sooo sick of trying to find a place. Such a hassle to find all these little streets and not knowing where the heck we were going. However, the last place we went today was like a breath of fresh air! Just what we were looking for! It's an upstairs three bedroom flat with funky green carpet, life doesn't get better!! Very cute. So we basically told the dude that we wanted it! make our lives harder, he wasn't the actual guy in charge of it, so we have to wait until tomorrow for a lady to call us back to get it! AH! Another hassle. So we wondered from our paradise on Demark Road back towards the tube. I promise you if I do not have this place tomorrow you will see me very soon back in Canada! (totally kidding) I hope if we have it I will take some pictures of it and the houses around it to show you how cute it is! After this horribly stressful day, we wondered to McDonalds..what a refreshing way to end the day :)
I'm now in a better mood and am excited to start tomorrow! Hopefully by the time you are all getting up we officially have a home. Then we need visitors to see our extra cute your tickets!

Things I've learned today....

1)The pickle's are very different here. You can sure tell there are no Baba's to make good ones. (hint hint hint hint...send some pickles)

2) Everything needs some SALT. We are finding the food very bland. I don't know how dad is going to handle it, pack some salt dad.

3)There are no bugs here obviously because their are no screens on the windows! Can you imagine if we didn't put screens on the windows there, it would be an open invitation for a bug partay in your house!

4)People here drive like the world is ending. holy smokes, slow down, today me and Marlee both were so car sick seeing this property. whew. Then they make these crazy turns the opposite way we would. eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk. But truth be told...i gotta get my dirty little hands on one of these cars to give it a rip!

5) There are some big slugs here. WHEW! I think it was actually the size of a small country. We were at a property and all three of us were literally bent over checking out this slug. It was at least 6 inches long just sluggin' away. gross!

Alright! That is all for tonight, this chickie is sleepy!

Momma Kellyyy....are you reading this?????


Momma Kelly said...

I am reading this Crystal, and enjoying every word. This is such a good way to keep in touch as I need to know every little detail or I start to have panic attacks. I got an email from Marlee saying you girls weren't having a good day so I'm glad to hear you looked at a place that you liked. Hopefully it all works out. It will take awhile to get organized but look at everything that you've already done and seen. Amazing!Take care, love you!

lindsay said...

i would put screens on the window so your slugs don't crawl in. that would be the WORST!
I agree with momma kelly...u guys are doing great. you seem so brave and determined, it will all work out!! hard to believe you've only been there less than a week and you've accomplished more sightseeing than i have in my life! good night ladies!

Chantal said...

Do they drive as crazy as they did in Quebec? Probably way worse I imagine, that really would be scary then. And was the McDonald's there as good as it is here? Just curious for my future trip to visit. Hope that lady got back to you girls and you were successful in your flat hunt!