Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back Again!!

I notice on this that my last post was in 2007, so after a 2 year hiatus i'm going to get back into it!
I decided to start writing again because of the new adventure i am about to embark in. In approximately 15 days i'm headed on perhaps the biggest adventure of my life! I'm moving to London England where i will be teaching! After countless hours of paper work and talking to people i think i am finally ready to go. Just need to pack my bags and say some tearful goodbyes and i'm off!
After thinking about it, i decided this blog would be a great way to keep everyone informed as well as for myself to keep a log of all the adventures along the way. I am going to try write every day but i'm guessing it will be more like every week!I am going to try my best though!

So, sit back and enjoy my adventures in London! :)