Thursday, October 15, 2009


I hope everyone is having an extra special day!

I wasn't going to write a blog today because I find myself in the SAME creepy internet cafe as yesterday and OF COURSE I pick the stupid computer. At least all around me is a little quieter today. whew. I mean don't get me wrong..still crazy's but in a milder form. Maybe I'm early tonight? However, I decided that it would be nice to get into the "one-a-day" blog again. day. My day was super great! I left the flat around 7:15 and walked the 13 minute walk to te tube. At the tube I jumped on, road on the picadilly line for 30 minutes then switched tubes to the Hammersmith line and road that for about 15. Then got out of the tube and walked to the school. Thats about an hour of travel time just towork! whew! Could have driven to Yorkton Humpty's in that time! Anyways, I found the school really easy basically because my agency gives you stupid proof instructions (lik...take ten steps and turn left...take thirty one and a half steps and turn right) it's nice! ANYWAYSSS I walked into the school and immediatly felt as if I was at home! It looked as if I walked back into Peggy Adamack's classroom and I was basically in heaven! The only thing I did all day was play. I mean it was tricky to colour in the lines and to put a puzzle together and make the perfect sand castle, but in all I think I did well. I didn't have to teach anything.NOTHING. not even read a story! HAHAHA I lucked out! I was basically just another body in the classroom. It was a great first experience. There was great documentation panels and it was all reggio inspired! I was inspired!!! Oh...I also was caught saying "pants" today to a kid" we were playing in the sand and he kept pouring sand on my trousers s i said to him with out thinking "please don't put sand on my pants" he looked at me and i quickly rephrased. still silly!

After school I went home had a little cat nappie and then read a book. I finished The Pact, good book! Now I'm reading a book from the library called "Things I want my daughters to know" seems good, it's in British lingo so maybe i'll learn a thing or two! ALSO, we got our internet/tv/phone package in the mail today! I was sooo excited to set it up. I got to the SECOND step where it told me to connect the coaxil to the wall outlet box. wtf is that. We searched high and low and low and high and then high and low again, BUT no box? We then decided we should search for a phone jack. Seems pretty easy to find-right? NOT, for the life of us we can't find it anywhere. we have to wait for our landlords brother Derek to come home from work and help us. We left a note on his door. lol. Derek sort of lives in our flat but not really. He lives in a room in our front entrance way. He can't get into our house with a key tho. He's pretty cool I guess. HOWEVER--everytime I say his name I think I'm on Save The Last Dance. He kinda looks like him toooo! hehehehe. Hopefully soon we'll be able to find this secret box and have the internet up and running. woot woot.

Things I learned today...

1)Kids and Kids are Kids.

2)It takes hours to get anywhere. Like an hour to get somewhere so close--what's up with that!

3) Tim Horton's is famous. Today I was talking to a teacher and she said to me "Do you miss Horton's." Took me a minute to figure out what she was saying because when the heck do we call it Hortons..."hey guys wanna get some Hortons" no. Timmies/tim/tims yes. She said that coffee is the best coffee in the world. Anything is better than what they drink here. Instant coffee stinks. yuck.

4) Sidewalks here really need some work. The sidewalk is an uneven mesh of different pieces of cemet. Me or Marlee trip at least once a day. They need some pavement istructions here or I need to get steel toe shoes, both seem like a good option!

Okey. dat's all for now!
Talk to you Rascals soon.
love y'all.


Channy said...

Haha I love the pants story, good thing it was just young nursery school kids and not some smartass teenagers. Your internet issue sounds like the one we had in our first apartment in the city, too bad the same hottie can't come fix it there that fixed ours here. Sounds like you're reliving your old highschool nick name with those sidewalks, but watch out for the cracks, don't want you to fall and break your back. Anyways off to get some Hortons', later days.

Megan said...

Hey, got your gramma reading your post and pics.Behave yourself!!!