Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had an amazing week and weekend! I see that it's pretty chilly there today.

My week was..QUICK. It seems like time just flies by. One day I'm hating that it's Sunday evening and before I can even BLINK it's already Friday evening. I think that time really does goes quicker the older you get. I can't imagine it flying any faster but I guess time will tell.

I had a good week at my school and I'm really starting to love every moment. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I think it would be easier to work closer, but overall I am really grateful to have a classroom of kids who know me. This week we were learning all about the Olympics still and about birds. It's been fun! I've changed around my classroom a bit, so I'm curious as to how the kids will respond. I'm finally getting into a groove of assessment but still find it wayyy overwhelming. One day I showed the kids pictures that momma had sent to me of the snow you guys got! HOLY jumping joseph you guys got a ton! I wish I would have had a video camera when they saw them. There reactions were "WOOOOOOOOWWWW" They could not believe it. It was really super cute. I showed all my staff and they too were in complete shock and pondered..."how do you live in that much snow" I told them that we all live in our igloo's and are quite happy driving our electric cars. They didn't get that I was joking, so I guess the jokes on them.

This weekend we went to a Canadian Teachers Drink night at the Maple Leaf. I really do enjoy that bar and it's nice to hear an accent we recognize. There were a ton of teachers there, but unfortunatly for us there was a hockey game playing so the pub was full. We all ended up sitting at different tables around the pub. Me and marlee sat a table with some new people. They turned out to be awesome fun, so hopefully we'll get to party with them again very soon.

So here's the deal. We've been having a problem with a feline in our backyard tearing into our garbage. Ok, so we're unsure that it's ACTUALLY a kitty because it could be the fox we see lingering around our streets. Either way, some four legged creature has been jumping the fence and tearing into our garbage..which I am NOT ok with. Unless he/she starts paying some of the grocery bill. Today me and Marlee stepped out the door to pick up the garbage. I ended up making a garbage shanti out of scrap wood and bricks in our backyard. I think the shanti will come in handy because when my mom and dad come they will have a home away from home. A home really made out of love and basically looks like something out of a magazine. Pure lovely. Then, after we made the shanti, we proceeded to clean out our backyard! You'll never believe this, BUT there are TULIPS coming up already! Yup, January 31st and tulips are coming up. Then, after the gardening was complete, we made our annual Sunday Roast. Every weekend now me and marlee cook up a chicken with mashed potatoes and vegtables and gravy and on and on and on. Yummy!

things i've learned this week.....

We are smarter than you're average feline...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey there!
This weekend I am NOT disappointing, hence, a blog ON Sunday! In fact, I just got up and am still laying in bed writing this. I can't believe it is only 9 and I think I slept in SO LONG! whew, I guess an extra four hours of sleep from the weekly alarm at 5:30 am IS a sleep in! I don't know how my father gets up at that hour everyday. Gross- my question to this is: is it the Pepsi?

My week was good! Hard to believe that in only three weeks we have mid term break already. School is STILL cool for me. This week I took the kids from my class on a field trip to check out the 2012 Olympic site. It was very successful for my first field trip EVER! I could only take 12 of the 20 so it was nice and easy but FAR from relaxing!This lady who was sent to go with me had not a clue about young children's needs I think she thought they were grown adults. We basically ran to the tube stop, threw the kids on the escalator (AHHHHH!!!) then threw them on the tube. It's kind of nerve racking making sure all the kids get on the tube. When we got to stratford (it's very very very close to my school) we got to go up into this viewing gallery on a 29th floor to have a big look of everything. It was far over the kids head, but I thought it was interesting. The Olympic site is costing 9 billion pounds! It was really cool to see how everything was already coming together.
Because we were learning about the olympics I thought it was the PERFECT time to teach them all about Canada! I hear them in the home corner playing house talking about going on a trip to Canada. ah hah, SUCCESS! We played on the Vancouver 2010 website on the SMART board all week. Any chance I get to throw in a CANADA fact I do!

On Thursday night my agency had a drink night in central London so we hit that up. Not only was it FREE drinks but also FREE appy's. You really can't go wrong in a situation such as this. We walked into the pub and the guy at the door knew all of us, how awesomely creepy is that?! He apparently "recognized" us from our pictures at the office. "Oh Crystal Ward" "Oh Marlee Hough" SMART sends out this picture of us when we are booked into a school. This picture was taken when we FIRST got here and we were living in a hostel without a blow dryer OR straightener so you can just IMAGINE what that looks like. The schools probably think that SMART is sending them some sort of hobo. eeesshh. There was this gentleman from London there and me and Marlee got talking to him and basically making fun out of eachothers accents as per usual. We were talking about different words for different things. We taught him that we call our underwear, gotch and panties. I think my new mission is to spread the word gotch around London. Anyways, the drink night was really fun and of course we met some more Canadians and some more Australians.

News as Marlee Hough Sees It

I think I better give an update on the life of Marlee Anne Monica Hough since I know that a lot of her fans are reading this blog!

Marlee is currently under quarenteen for her obssession with 5 cent candies. She is under careful watch by the Bristish Government and CCTV (closed curcuit television) She recently had a melt down when she realized that they are not "5 cents" here but rather 5p candy. She is now locked in her room and I am in charge of leaving food at her door in the morning and night. She is going through a withdraw and has cold sweats.
We all wish her a speedy recovery.

Also in the world of Marlee:
Marlee got a job this week at a school VERY close to our house. It's basically the dream job as she is team teaching in reception. She gets classroom duties as well as she is in charge of teaching the EAL kids English. She has 23234028340 or so kids in her class so it's great that she has another teacher in there with her.
She wakes up around 6:20 when I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth on my way out of the house. To that I say - "I hate you marlee hough"
But - I'm glad that she now has a job that she loves as well. It's nice to be able to talk about what we are doing and what not since we are now both teaching reception. (for those that forget - reception ISN'T the front desk of the school OR the event that takes place after the church service at a wedding but rather kindergarten!)

and that's how marlee sees it.

The weekend was VERY low key which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Friday night we went for groceries and watched LOST all night. Then Saturday I babysat and had a blast as per usual. Then I FINALLY got a hair cut, first one since I got here. I think my hair looked like a man from the 80's who had shoulder length hair and always ran his hair through it. Since I AM a female living in 2010 I thought I'd better deal with that!

Alright, well thats all for now! I hope everyone has an amazing time at home in all the snow. I miss the feeling of a big snow fall. Seeing everyone shoveling and plowing and helping eachother and rosy cheeks and the thought that there is no way you can make it back to the city.

Love you All!!

Ps. Happy Birthday for Monday January 25th daddio!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey everyone!

So much for that "Sunday night blog night"-- my bad. Truth be told I was far too tired come Sunday evening to even think about sitting down and tapping away. I promised myself i’d do it Monday evening..then Tuesday..and NOW it’s already hump day and I’m far behind!!

New in my in my life—nothing! I am really starting to get the hang of my job and really starting to enjoy the kid’s personalities. Man do I love funny kids. It is great that there are only 20 of them so I feel like I can really get to know each and every one. It also makes easy for classroom management, which I'd NEVER complain about! The other day one of the little boys were talking to another teacher and said to her, “miss, miss. Ward lives in High School Musical!” Hahaha, First I laughed, then in proper musical fashion I broke into song. I sang a rendition from High School Musical. I always loved the thought of living in a musical where everyone and any moment breaks into song. What a dream life that would be. Unfortunately, the commute is NOT getting easier OR quicker. Even with the extra hour of sleep I never have enough energy. The other day while sleeping on the tube, I was holding my phone and it dropped out of my hand and onto the floor!

Come Friday night, I was totally played out and me and Marlee went to the candy shop, bought some treats and watched 4 episodes of Lost. A long time ago, i discovered a small shop a block away from our house, but never did venture into it. On Friday, we walked on over and boy were we pleased at what we found. In this store was Marlee's weakness, FIVE CENT CANDIES! We loaded up and made our way back home. Upon eating these candies, we were MORE than pleased with what we had found. The sour soothers tasted like heaven. Usually, the candies taste a lot more gooey and a lot less sour, which overall leaves you unsatisfied. The particular sour soothers we found are the amazing, sour, eat until your tongue is sore soothers. Yum!

Anyways, enough about the damn candy. On Saturday morning I babysat bright and early at 9. Me and Giaan had the time of our lives once again. He is just so darn funny and fun. It's nice to hang out with a three year old since I'm starting to miss all my favourite kids at home! We played store, we played puzzles, we played with cars, we read some books, we built a tower, we cooked lunch and we watched some Peppa Pig. Overall, it was tiring! lol.

I came home from babysitting and got ready for the next big event of the day. Me, Marlee, Kristin and Kristin's sister (Anna) and friend (Cheryl) hit up the streets of London on a pub crawl. It was a blast as per usual and we all managed to make it home alive! On Sunday, when I should have been at home planning, the girls twisted my arm and convinced me to head to Camden with them. I`ve been to Camden a couple of times now BUT, every time I go I discover a piece that I`ve never seen before. There really are probably 999 different little shops selling different little trinkets and outfits and bongs and whatever else you can imagine. There was this one place with really nice pictures of London that I want to go back and pick up a few as decorations for a future house.

Things I've learned....

1) American Cherry Cola is amazing. The girls at work are constantly raging about how lucky I am to be able to get it whenever I want back home.

To that I say: Do people even really DRINK c-c-cherry cola? I have tasted it here in England and it really is flat.

2) McDonald's in America is better for one reason. What is that reason you may be wondering..well let me tell you. It is because we have DR. PEPPER on tap. I really don't think it is called "on tap" but you know the stuff that isn't in a bottle, comes out of the machine...

To that i say... Do a lot of people bend over backwards to order a "dr. pepper" with their Big Mac meal? I

That's really all I have for last week. I'm sorry!! Please don't stop reading!

Love you all, miss you all, yada yada yada.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey Everyone!
Time to get back onto the "Sunday Evening Blog Writing" schedule again!
I hope everyone is settling back into work after the holidays and are all still managing with their new years resolutions!

As far as it goes for me- all is well. Finally got some rest this weekend after a super busy holiday. We saw so many things and tried so many new things that it was amazing. Had to go back to work to get some rest!

On Monday, I did not have to work so me, Marlee, Carrie and Jerid hit the town nice and early and headed down to the Queen's house to watch the Changing of the Guard. This event happens every other day in the winter at 11:30AM. We got there right around 11 and whew for people. There were more people there than there is at Monday night BINGO in preeceville. Everyone wants to see the guards change apparently. We did manage to find a spot where we could see into the gates of the palace. We watched the dudes march by, the marching band play, as well as a horse guard go by. All in all, it was indeed pretty neat to see. Is it worth however to stand and be pushed by someone twice your body weight? That's a question to ask Marlee however. You could ask me what it is like to have someone about 4'10 speaking another language trying to push you aside to see what's going on. She thought she had me, but i planted my feet and there was no way I was budging! My question to HER is-- are you even part of the commonwealth? After the changing of the guard we walked through St. James' park and came across a quaint little hot dog stand. This hot dog was better than the one in Bath, but the search for the amazing hot dog continues. After the hot dog eating, we walked to Leicester Square to buy some discounted musical tickets. Then we went to Camdentown Market which was amazing fun. Before me and Marlee had went on a Sunday afternoon which was indeed a mistake. Going on a Monday afternoon allowed us to actually look at things in the market as well as watch Carrie talk people into giving her a lower price-which turned out to be quite entertaining. Finally, we headed back to Leicester Square and had some Pizza Hut for supper...(yuuummmmmm...)

I seriously had the time of my life at Dirty Dancing. WOw. Wow. Wow. As I'm sure everyone has watched Mr. Swayze dance a time or two you'll know the complexity of the set in Dirty Dancing. One second they are in a car, the next they are in the kitchen, the next they are in the staff quarters and so on and so forth. The broadway version was exactly the same, the sets were always magically transforming in front of our eyes. Blew my mind away. The dancing was nothing less than perfect, Baby was cast as the perfect Baby and Johnny was beautiful. My favourite part was when Johnny came running through the audience at the end (you know..when he says NObody puts Baby in a corner) It seriously put tears in my eyes! SO amazing!

We didn't get home until around 11:30 and I had to be up and attempt by 5:30 the next morning. I was seriously dead to the world on Tuesday for my first day of work. As I think I've written in previous blogs, I've finally captured a long term teaching position! I'm teaching in a reception class and have 20 students, three of which are autistic. The school has a high importance on assessment and if after this job I don't know how to assess, I mid as well quit being a teacher. If we are caught without a sticky note pad for taking down observations we get into trouble! The school has a computer program which tracks every child. It's an electronic portfolio, I'm going to put the program on my computer so I'll be able to share with all my teaching buddies when I get home! The only problem with this job is that it is 4325029834934 hours away. It takes me an hour and a half to get to the school each morning. I am getting very familiar with the "head bob on the tube" and manage to catch about an hour of extra sleep on my way to school. I am going to miss my stop someday soon I'm sure of it! I am NOT complaining though as I am so grateful to go to the same place everyday and get work everyday.

As all of you are aware London was hit with a BIG winter storm this past week. I know that all the news coverage in Canada was showing it. I think that the fact that Canada was showing it is absolutely HILARIOUS! Most schools were shut down two days and there was disruptions on the tube and there were people stranded and there were people stuck and people dead and blah blah blah. Truth was, on Tuesday when I left my school i was shocked as to the amount of snow that was falling. Even in Canada I would have called it a blizzard. The snow was really heavy and really wet causing everything to be really slippery. Aside from Tuesday, the winter storm really wasn't a winter storm by Canadian definition though. In the paper on Tuesday morning I read this HUGE article about how everyone in England was out in the grocery store stocking up on things such as milk and bread to last them through the winter storm. PREPAREEE FOR THE ICE AGE! Also, perhaps more amusing, it was noted that the sales of thermal underwear jumped 150%. Now there really is only snow in some places but there IS ice. I think they used all the salt to early. Walking outside on the side walk is basically giving yourself the threat of death. It's more icy than a skating rink, no lies. I am glad that in 80 years I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I, their grandmother survived the worst winter storm in England in the last 30 years. Yup- i was there. Yup- I survived.

We sent of Jerid to South Africa Tuesday evening. :( sad! He made it there and is doing amazing already! It was sooo great to have him here as he lights up any room he walks into. Carrie was scheduled to leave Wednesday morning at 11 AM. However, with the big storm, her flight was delayed. Then her flight was canceled. The poor girl had to spend the night in the airport. I'm sure she got out her knitting and knitted away for hours. I bet airports really are amazingly comfy to hang out in for 30 hours. She finally got away on Thursday morning. whew! I again was sad to see her go as we had so many great laughs! I can't wait for my next company!!

Things I've learned this week....

1)Don't leave your luggage unattended. These dummies decided that it would be ok to leave their luggage on the side of the street while they watched the changing of the guards. A police officer didn't think it was the best idea and threatened the people to take it. ha ha ha. People are stupid - guess they've never heard of BOMB BOMB BOMB. Maybe leaving a mysterious suitcase beside the Queen's house ISN'T the best idea. I still wanna try it so that good looking cops can threaten me ;)

Talk to you soon!
Hey there!
Sorry this took so damn long to get up. However, here it goes...Stonehenge and Bath.

On Sunday January 3 me, Marlee, Kristin, Carrie and Jerid set off to conquer the ever famous Stonehenge and perhaps have the chance to Bath. Our trip started bright and early. Perhaps TO early for most of us, as I can honestly say I didn't see any of the trip to Stonehenge. The warmth of the bus made it pretty much impossible not to sleep. If you want to know what the country side looks like you'll have to ask Carrie!

It took about an hour and a bit to drive to Stonehenge. You could actually see Stonehenge before you got to it and my first thought was "wow, this is real life" Before this, Stonehenge was always just a picture in a book, something that I couldn't really comprehend, and something I for sure would never see. But here I Stonehenge. We got there and we got these little audio guides to follow as we walked around the stones. We all particularly enjoyed the one where they talked about other explanations about Stonehenge. Some think that giants created the huge stone structure and some people even think it was the devil's doing. Whatever you may believe, I'm going to go with the realistic approach and assume that some humans made it.

I never realized how complex the actual grounds would be. Apparently it was built in three parts. All around the rocks there is a huge bank It was dug out using antlers and animal bone picks. I think that from now on I will start using deer antlers in the garden to dig rather than hang them up on the wall. Next, they found remnants of a timber posts circling the structure that they think were used as burial points. Next, the rocks. Whew, if I remember correctly the blue stone weighs something stupid like 25 tons each. Thinking about it now, I think that if I worked out for a couple weeks it would be no problem for me to build my own Stonehenge. I always think that Preeceville needs something cool. I mean Sturgis has that beautiful horse, Canora has the beautiful baba-Preeceville NEEDS something. Hence, I'll build a Stonehenge. If you want to volunteer please leave your name and number at the bottom. Great thanks.

ANYWAYS, some people are disappointed when they see this amazing structure because they think it's going to be bigger. I can't say that I was in the least bit disappointed but rather marveled in it's beauty. We took about 8082343284 pictures so check for them on facebook. we got to check it out for about 45 minutes even though you can't actually touch Stonehenge and can't even get that close to it at all. However, back in the day, you could touch Stonehenge, play on it, heck you could even buy a chisel at the gift shop and take a piece home with you. Now, it's a natural heritage site and the only time you can touch it or be close to it is summer and winter solstice.

We got back to the bus with rosy cheeks and frozen legs. Guess what we did.....YUP-we made a sandwich! Yum! Next we were off to Bath. Bath is a national heritage city with about 83,000 people living in it. Being a national heritage city, you can not alter the outside of the buildings and perhaps even better, if you build a new building, it has to match the existing architecture. Also, all over the city there are buildings with the windows blocked over using bricks. Back in the day, there was a window tax and you had to pay according to how many windows you had therefore, some people bricked up their windows. Another interesting fact about bath is that it is where Jane Austen grew up. There is a museum there that we went into before being shooed out for not paying! whoops! We went by Johnny Depp's apartment but I didn't catch a glimpse of him in his underwear from his bedroom window-maybe next time.

Interesting fact of how Bath was discovered: Back in the day, there was a Kings son. The Kings son who will now be called "Martin" from now on(hahaha sorry i forget his name) Anyways, Martin was shunned from his country because he had leprosy, he moved into the Bath area and did odd jobs just to keep himself living. He was mostly a pig herder and even his pigs were the lower class pigs and had nasty skin diseases too. One day, the pigs were rolling in this mud and after a few days, their skin diseases were improving. He then decided to jump into the mud too, and low and behold, his leprosy was cured by the water! AND voila! Bath was discovered. Martin went back to his dad, and later became King and created the town. And the rest is history...

The main point about going to Bath is to check out the ancient roman ruins. We walked into this building and sort of smelt like stale water. They gave us our mini cell phone audio guide again and off we went! We first walked into the biggest pool of water. The water is kind of a green nasty-ness with a steam rising. The architecture all around the water is something amazing. People back then were damn clever. It's hard to believe that something built so long ago is still standing. Anyways, at this main pool, they think that important Roman leaders would meet and make critical decisions. I think that the Canadian government should also try this technique. What would be better than sitting naked beside Stephan Harper discussing global warming- NOTHING. You then walk throughout the building and get a good idea of how the natural spring worked. One thing I found particularly interesting is looking at the stone. At the main door of the bath you can see the stone step is eroded from the millions of people who walked through the doors. Also, there is a display of items that they have since found in the drainage. Items such as combs, money, jewelery and other things they believed were given as offerings. Finally, at the end you get to walk around the lower level of the pool. There are signs everywhere that say you can't touch it, so of course me and Marlee touched it. You can't put up signs like that and expect people to head them- DON'T tempt me I say. The water was luke warm and indeed felt like "bath" water. Sorry, this really is a horrible attempt at trying to explain it. It was really just SOO complex that I am doing no justice to it! eeessh!

After checking out the roman Bath's we had a few hours to explore the city. First of all, Marlee has been having these extreme cravings for hot dogs. She talked about it so much that I too wanted an Olympic Hot Dog with ketchup and mustard cooked on the BBQ. I don't think they sell Olympic hot dogs, or even harvest..but rather large breakfast sausages that they call a hot dog. None the less, we still wanted one. While eating it, I put my arm in pigeon poop. yum. After eating our satisfying hot dog we went for a walk just to check out Bath. It's such a beautiful place. We went into the Abbey. It's a really really old amazing church and covering the walls and the floor are plaque's of dedications to people. I'll put some pictures of this on facebook as well.

Overall, the day was amazing. I am so glad that we got to check out both of these places. Again I learned so much in one day and saw so many things that I'd never seen!

I'm sorry that this blog is so full of small details and facts about both Stonehenge and Bath. I like to write what I remember and occasionally I like to do a bit of research myself! I hope you enjoy the small facts too and that I've saved you some time from looking it up yourself!

Thing's I learned today....

1) The pigs here are HUGE! We drove past this huge pig farm and I accidentally mistook the pigs as horses. I don't know how they breed them here, but I bet you could get A LOT of bacon off of one. (Me Kristin and Marlee once again found ourselves wondering what a group of pigs is's a herd)

2) Pigeon poop doesn't ruin my mood or my will to eat a hot dog.

Until next time....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope that everyone had an amazing New Years Eve full of excitement and fun! BUT...before I get to my London New Years events I have some other stuff to share!

On the 27th one of my dearest friends from University, Carrie, flew into Gatwick! Me and Marlee were both VERY excited to welcome her to London, even if it was only 7 in the morning. We left our house at 6 and finally rolled into the airport at 8...what a feat! Carrie was sitting there ever so patiently waiting for us. We got home that day and basically lived the dream while Carrie slept for 20 hours straight..jet leg much? Once Carrie FINALLY woke up, we have done some shopping and some sight seeing.

THEN, if ONE visitor is not exciting on the 30th, my curling buddy Jerid flew into Heathrow at 9 in the evening. To Heathrow it only takes around 30 minutes to get from our house to the tube and to the airport. lovely. Jerid wasn't hit by the jet leg like Carrie, but instead sleeps weird hours of the day even now.

The 31st..aka New Years Eve was a blast here in London! Me, Marlee, Jerid and Carrie headed over to Kristin's for some drinks and good cheer before heading to see the fireworks. We got there and decided it would be best to start out walking around. Apparently the thing to do here is to in fact just wander around on the streets drinking. It is so weird to walk past a cop holding a beer and NOT getting into any trouble at all! Blows my mind! Anyways, we walked through the crowds to Trafalgar Square. Once at Trafalgar Square we did our best to meet as many people from every country on the planet. I also did my very best at wishing people a Happy New Year--from Canada! Finally, the clock aka Big Ben struck twelve and the crowd erupted and fireworks went off! It was seriously surreal, at one point I think I had tears in my eyes! Hearing Big Ben and seeing the fireworks as well as watching the crowd it was pretty amazing! We had some fun after and finally rolled into home around 4:30 in the morning.

Being the go getter's that we are we got up and hit up the famous London New Years parade in central London. The parade was so fun! There were tons of people everywhere watching, thank goodness I'm so tall and tower over people that I could see everything! HA! Eventually, people got cold and left and I finally got a prime seat up front to watch the excitement. There was funky bikes, hot rods, clowns and of course marching bands. I don't think that London has any marching bands because there were 90234089348 bands from the states in the parade. The bands were definitely my favourite part of the parade. After three hours of parade and the fact that we couldn't feel any part of our body, we decided it was time to come home!

The next day, (Jan.2) we went on a walking tour by Sandeman's London Tours. The website sums up the tour best: "Walk in the footsteps of the rich and powerful on our Royal London Tour. We’ll introduce you to the personalities who ruled Great Britain, from Edward the Confessor to Winston Churchill. We’ll also take you to the buildings where they lived, worked and played, as well as where many are entombed today. This tour winds its way through the city of Westminster, home of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey." Overall, our tour guide was amazing and had some funny stories about each location such as a story of a drunken Irish man who managed to break into Buckingham palace and to the queen's bedroom without getting caught. The tour guide was very animated and really loved his job which made it most interesting. Overall we saw, Hyde Park Corner
• Buckingham Palace
• Churchill’s War Cabinet Bunker
• The Houses of Parliament
• St. Martin-in-the-Fields
• Westminster Abbey
• Trafalgar Square

• Nelson’s Column
• Wellington Arch
• St. James’s Park
• 10 Downing St.
• Horseguards
• Whitehall
• Big Ben

Thing's I've Learned....

1) New Years is CRAZY here. There I said it.

2)On the tour I learned...One of the Mayor of London's election promises was to rid of the pigeons all over the city. To do so, he gave people little bags of bread to feed the pigeons BUT the bread wasn't just your regular everyday wonder for London..they put contraceptives in it! YES, the pigeons in the city ARE on birth control!

Stay tuned for a blog about Stonehenge and Bath.....