Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hello everyone again!

First of all, Happy Birthday Chantal, sorry I can't be there to celebrate and do the regular.."here's to you here's to me..." cheer. (ps. niki taught us it is tradition if you are going to cheers with someone you need to look them in the eye. We have had many laughs doing this so far.)

Second of all, I now am the proud owner of a brand spankin new purple neon cellular device. If you would like my number just ask me. You can send me a textie or call me sometime! I will never personally remember this number because it seems to be 90000 numbers long. The cell phone was fairly cheap..only 30 pounds..which is about 60 Canadian..and i own this phone--no contract! sweet! Texting internationally costs around 24p each, which works out to like 50 cents a text or so. So I'll probably send a couple but not too many.

Today our game plan was to get a cell phone and a place to live--cell phone check--place to live not so much. We went for walk down Oxford street (which is like the big shopping street of London) It was really cool seeing all these fancy places that you see in the movies! At abercrombie there was a LINE UP--like one you would see at thirsty Thursday at the pump--all to get a picture with their model. Topless I might add. We also saw places such as gucci, prada, Tiffany's and other fancy stores. Saw Tiffany's, i wanted to have breakfast at tiffany's but didn't. he he he. Also saw "the ritz" fancy dancy hotel that's for sure...a little too ritzy for this cat, but nice none the less.

After our walk through shopping experience crowded with people, we walked to Buckingham palace. wowza..that was pretty cool to say the least. the queen was in the building as the flag was flying, didn't get a peek at her though! We saw the Canada war monument which is just outside the palace. It is basically a monument thanking the Canadians who fought in the world wars. thank you grandpa!! As we were taking these pictures, i heard someone from another country say "Canadians always wear the Canadian leaf on their backpack." I thought this was funny because Jenny sewed flags on all my bags! After the monument we took some pictures in front of Canada Gate and got a picture beside the Saskatchewan coat of arms. After we took some pictures of the palace and of the sweet guards we wondered about 18 miles to see Big Ben and the London Eye and the place where the Prime Minister lives. All were very cool to see in real life..breath taking almost! whew! We then caught the tube back to our hostel. The tube was definitely much better today without all our luggage. It was super crazy busy on the tube today. Almost lost my dear Marlee in the door of the tube as it closed on her as she was getting in! Being the super hero she is she managed to escape. thank baby Jesus again. I got a chuckle out of it, I don't think she thought it was too funny though!

Now we are back in our Canadian sized bathroom we call a hostel ready to start the search for a hostel. It's so hard to believe that it is only 11 where you guys are! You guys are thinking about what to eat for lunch and I'm thinking about what we should do tonight!

Things I've learned today...

1) Anything goes in London, you can wear absolutely anything and everything you think looks cool. It's crazy, I'll take some pictures of crazy things i see.

2) All the buildings here are beautiful! For example, even the building which KFC or Pizza Hut is amazing.

3) Here it is all about what you wear rather than your hair and makeup. No one has died hair or crazy makeup or gel nails. girls rather have plain hair in a tossled pony tail and little or no makeup. fashion is the fashion i guess.

4)heels are a must--everyone wears 40 inch heels to shop in. crazy i think, marlee and me suggest you go with the ever trendy nike running shoe.

5)The word "toque" is a funny strange word to British people. It is either a hat or a beany. it'll be my mission to send the word toque around England while I'm here. Marlee chose to wear a hat today, i thought she looked fine, but she felt she was the odd man out.

6)Buckingham palace, big Ben, the London eye..etc..are much better seen in person, thus you need to come visit.

7) The guards actually move around, strange i thought, but there they were marching around rather than standing on stand still. I personally don't think they are guarding's the 19000 police officers with their hands on their triggers that i am worried about!

Alright, that's all for now as I need to start searching for a place to live!
If i get a chance I'm going to post some pictures on facebook tonight!

Love you all!!

Happy Birthday Channy!!


oncletom said...

Woot woot! I want to go and live in London so bad. Maybe some day.

And I reallllly wanna go to 12 Downing Street (I think that is the PM's house?) and see all that historic stuff!

Patty said...

Sounds like you and Marlee are having a great time!! Make sure you go to Madame Toussads wax museum! It rocks!!

Chantal said...

Hey, thanks for the
birthday shout out, it made my day! Sounds like you guys have hit all the major attractions, jealous, I bet it was an amazing busy day