Wednesday, October 07, 2009

not. homeless?

Hey everyone! Hope everyone who is reading this is having an awesome week so far! I'm still living the dream here in the land of British men! I couldn't write my blog my last night because we had no internet connection! weird!!! Anyways, I see on my computer (which I left at Canada time) that is is only 2:46 in the morning, so I'm safe! day was supposed to be an overall quiet day full of waiting and finally relaxing. It is hard to believe we've already been here this long. Everyday we are up early and getting stuff done, it is starting to have a wear on all of us as we are getting sleeeeeppy!

While we were getting ready this morning, we got a call from a "Letting Agency" notifying us that we did NOT get the flat I was so stoked about in my last blog. wah wah wah wah. aheartbreak. The renters decided they did not want to rent it to us basically because we are Canadians, are you kidding me?!?! I mean I totally understand because there was ALREADY a line up of our friends lined up at the door ready to party like it was 1999. Hahaha..are you kidding me. Anyways, I quickly decided it was time to be a little bit more optimistic.

First thing this morning we ran to our SMART office to set up our bank accounts. It will be SO nice once we start getting paid in pounds. Getting paid in pounds means there will no longer be any damn converting our canadian money all the time!! So by the end of the week I will have a fancy bank account here, with my very own debit card!

After we got our bank's set up we went for a stroll within the area of Earlham street and you will NEVER believe what we found.....a CARHARTT store. Marlee quickly noticed my frown turned upside down and in we went! YaY! Even though there were no hot guys wearing Carhartt's, there was a very different and interesting collection of clothing. They had some super cute girl's t-shirts and lulu lemon such sweaters from the company. Very cool. When I have some cash flow you can gaurentee I will be visiting there again! My day suddenly got better--yes I got excited by this store rather than a store like gucci..hate me.

We then decided to go back to SMART teachers to use the internet there and make some calls about some places. We got onto two computers and just started calling 1938442343498234.98 people about their properties we found online. We got some answers and set up some appointmens. the end of the day......we found a place!!!!!!! It's super cute. Three bedroom with not green BUT blue carpet. It's two stories and has a nice size kitchen and living room. We put a security deposit on it to gaurentee it to us. Now we just have to sit and wait by the phone with the lady telling us we can move in!!! pray..pray..pray..pray

Things I learned today...

1)"Things happen for a reason." A random lady at a Letting Agency told us that when we told her about our yesterday extravaganza. I think its true, everything does happen for a reason.

2) Showers are an important start to the day! DOOO ITTT...take the time and shower! Today we were in a hurry to get to our SMART office that we didn't the night we were gross. nasty. ewwwy. We probably smelled worse than a pig rolling around in a dump.

3) sandwiches are beautiful...sandwiches are fun...I like sandwiches...BUT i swear to god if I see another one today I may puke.
These people LOVE sandwiches, they are in very little store ready made..what happened to buying the loaf and creating your own masterpiece?

4) Fish and Chips and a Stella are an awesome way to end a somewhat stressful day. Yuummmyyy..

5) Rain...rain...go away..come year. It's still rainy here and so damn muggy that we can hardly breathe. I guess it's better than the snow I see is in your forecast, suckers!

6) There are Carhartts here too! WOOT WOOT WOOT. I see men wearing them as they work, and everytime I just HAVE to point it out to Marlee, I'm sure she is getting sick of it, but it sure excites me. Simple minds simple things?

Anyways....Have an awesome day!!

Crystal Mary Jane Ward.

ps. keep the comments coming..i'm loving them!

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Lin to the Zay said...

SO excited u found a place! crystal this is my favourite life quote from u so far:
"what happened to buying the loaf and creating your own masterpiece?" SO true.
and fyi about the snow...i seen some flakes mixed with rain today. almost time to stash the flip flops...almost.