Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hey Everyone!
How was everyones Halloween?! I hope it was good!
Happy one month to being in London for the chick!

Seems like these blogs are getting far and few inbetween! JJEEZZ! To be honest, it's completely due to the fact that we still do not have internet. I do not know what is up with it, they were suppposed to come out on Friday morning but then called to cancel, now we don't get it until NEXT Saturday!! UGGH! They are no Sasktel thats for sure ;)

Anyways, I really have not been up to a lot this past week. Since it was the half term break, the kids had no school meaning I had no school too! So this week consisted of reading, venturing, sleeping, eating, reading and playing spider solitaire. Do people still play Spider Solitaire?? I got addicted again, first time since 1998 when it was the latest rage on computers. My records aren't so hot, I have played 72 games and have only won 5! HAHAH! Jokes on me, but I just can't put it down. Does anyone share this addiction or am I the only one...don't lie!

One day last week I went to the Canadian store. What a treat! They have this store dedicated to Canadian things. They have all the Canadians favourite such as Ketchup Chips, Kraft Dinner, Tim Horton's Coffee, Peanut Butter, Nibs and CLAM! I bought a few things, but it's pretty damn expensive. One box of KD is £3.20. If you quickly do a math equation (which i'm sooo goood at) you'll realize that this delicious box of badness for your body is close to 6 bucks Canadian! HOLY cats. I don't care how desperate, thats a little bit ridiculous. Clam on the other hand. I couldn't help myself. I keep moping around the house telling everyone how I wish I had clam. And guess what...I didn't even think they'd sell it at this store. BUT after looking into this cooler, the angels began to sing and a beacon of light shone from the god's. There in this cooler was a perfectly perserved bottle of CLAM! I asked how much it was..£1.15. Thats like 2 bucks..SOLD! I now have my own little perfect bottle of clammy goodness for a special occasion! LUCKY! After the Canadian store we ventured down to the Maple Leaf for some poutine and Coors Light. Yummy! It's so funny to find myself all the way in London where I could be trying 23482092348098 different sorts of foods, but rather I find comfort in the things I know.

On Friday night we ventured down to the Maple Leaf for some drinks with other Canadian's who are here teaching too. We made a new friend named Kristin from BC. We then went to some pubs before heading home. It was nice to see and nice to hear some accents I could fully 100% understand. Sometimes I find myself just agreeing with english people because I have no idea what they are saying. They could be saying, " have a large amount of bird crap in your hair" and I would simply answer "cool! I know!" JUST because I don't want to go through the steps of figuring out what the hell they are saying!

Saturday night, Halloween! WHOOP WHOOP! Halloween is much much different here. It is more of the crap-your-pants-scary rather than omg-you're-such-a-cute-little-bunny kinda deal. Any kid we saw dressed up was a witch, or something gory rather than a Pumpkin. Once for Halloween I was a lamp. What a stupid idea. Anyways, we didn't have any kids knocking on our door all day until we were getting ready to go out. I'm assuming you don't trick or treat until dark here. We were getting ready and Meaghan made the mistake of answering the door to about 6 kids. We had to dig through our cupboards to find 6 treats. We gave one a can of mushroom soup, one an apple, two got boxes of noodles and one got some leftover chili we had. Pretty sweet Halloween treats if I must say so myself! (We actually had a few treats for ourselves that we gave them) The dads were lined up behind these kids and were pretty stoked to see that we were from Canada. They said that you give the kids treats and the adults beer. Sweet deal I figure. Nothing like the dad walking down the street with their kid completely drunk while trick or treating. We finally got dressed into our costumes and went to our friend Kristin's house for some pre-drinks before heading out to a pub. While walking to the tube stop beside our house we had people honking at us, yelling at us, just being overall excited that we were so dressed up! I felt the whole night we were one big conversation starter with "OHH you're from Canada" my response wanted to be "NO, why would you think that!" People are crazy! It was an awesome time out and we met lots of really cool and funny people. Adults also dress in gory gross outfits rather than cute ones. LOts of facepaint and less creative costumes. Lots of witches, goblins, etc..boring! We never got home until about 4:30 AM so it was a good night!

I'm excited to get back to work tomorrow. I hope I get at least a few days this week! Hopefully we will by some chance get our internet sooner than NEXT Saturday, what a long time to wait!!!

Rather than writing the normal "things i've learned" I'm opening the floor to you's guys. What do you want to know! Ask and I'll see if I can answer it. Post a total random question!!

Alright! Have an excellent week everyone!
love you all!

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Chantal said...

How about next blog you write you write it with all the new English words you have learned (such as "lou") or the ones with different meanings (like "pants") hehe that would be entertaining