Monday, October 05, 2009

Flat Hunters

Hello Everyone!

Had a busy day full of adventure once again today. Me and Marlee started the day bright and early by having a great breakfast at the hostel we are staying at. The breakfast is not bad actually, I enjoy the frosted Flakes and toast. The toast is not the same as at home, it is super heavy..weird. The orange juice is also very different. It is so strong, like almost to strong to drink. I don't know what's up with that.

After breakfast we checked email and started booking appointments to look at places. Me and Marlee spent the whole night before sending emails and giving out my number to people. We got a call last night and Marlee just kept laughing...I wanted to push her out of the room. I guess she thought it as funny how suprised I was that my phone was ringing that I almost didn't know what to do. Then I was talking to this dude and we started chatting about Canada and Saskatchewan, as if I was a Baba discussing how BINGO was the night before. Anyways, complete side bar. To the point...we had two appointments with different people to check out the property. Marlee, Meaghan, Niki and myself all set out for a day of house hunting. Niki hung out with us for a bit then left us. Oh dear...for the first time we were left to fend for ourselves to travel by tube!!! AHHH..but the moral of the story is...WE DID IT!!!

The first place we checked out was very very cute, however...we did not feel safe walking down the street in the day light--scratch that place. The next place was wayyyyy in the west side of London, the last tube stop to be exact. The moment I got off the tube I was in love. It is sooo cute there! There was a park and lots of cute shops and trees and green grass. The people were wearing normal clothes such as sweat pants...woot woot. we finally felt at home. We then went to the place to check it out and on the way there was a street called `regina` street. We think it is our calling to live there. Although we can not live at the one we checked out because it is not available until November, it was still awesome to get out to west london! We are now looking for places out there. We have a few cross your fingers!!!! We can't stay in our hostel tomorrow night because it is full-so we are lkely going to have to stay at another hostel tomorrow night..uggghh...

Things I've Learned Today....

1)I CAN TRAVEL ACROSS LONDON BY was great, I felt so proud of us when we got on all the right tube's and everything. In three days such progress!

2)I don't feel like I'm a hundred million miles away from home. Everything is much more the same here than I thought it might be. That's a relief.

3)People like to wash clothes here in their kitchens. The washing machine is located in a place where we would normally put a dishwasher. They also don't believe in dryers....I guess for nine months I will have crunchy socks!!

4)Crisps are chips..chips are fries...fries are ???

5)Chi hair straighteners do not work here. whoops! Me and Marlee may have blown both ours up before consulting the internet and reading the ONLY USE IN CANADA AND THE USA..DO NOT USE WITH CONVERTERS. whhhoopppsss...At least I do not have massive curly hair that I can not maintain. If you notice in our pictures our hair is's because we have no straightener.

Thats all for today! If you actually read this, send a HI comment!!! I am interested in who is reading it!!

Mom and Dad...why are you never home?? I've tried to call 8999076766 times already!

I'll let you know how house hunting goes tomorrow!!

love you all!


wubajillium said...

Hi Crystal, I totally read "I'll tell you how moose hunting goes tomorrow." I thought wow she has already found someone to take her hunting but then I re-read it. Silly me.

William said...

so I didn't know that my name wouldn't show up, that first comment was me, WILLIAM.

Natalie said...

Hi Crystal! Lovin your blog! Makes me smile and chuckle when i read it :) Hope you're having an awesome time! Miss you!! xo

Chantal said...

I hope you appreciate these comments, cause Im gonna post one on every blog whether you like it or not lol. So excited about West London, it sounds so pretty, I really hope you find a place there, Im keeping my fingers crossed. I`m also really proud you were successful in travelling on the tube, Yay team. I agree with Natalie, I love reading the blog too, keep them coming!

ghood said...

Hey Crystal, sounds interesting over there. Waiting for some more pics!!!

lindsay said...

crystal u crack me up so bad! hahah oh dear, always an adventure with you! I'm reading all your stuff! no worries

ghood said...

Hey, take a pic of a slug one time..take some pics of some hot english guys too!!! Your stories are very entertaining!!