Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey Everyone! Hope all is well back in the home land!

All is well here in the land where pickles and Kraft dinner are hard to come by.
I have been teaching the past two days so that has been just brilliant. On Monday I taught in the same nursery that I taught in the other day. it was great as i had the same class and everything. I didn't get called in until around 8:30 meaning I didn't get to the school until almost ten! I walked into the classroom and all the kids were like "Crystal's back!" "Hi Crystal" it was pretty exciting to see all the kids remembering me! I loved it! The day was easy peasy because I just got to play all day again!
Tuesday....was another story in the teaching scene. Whew. I got called in around 8 am and had to travel around an hour and 15 minutes, making me again late. I was teaching Jr.7 which is actually year 6 which is actually grade 5 in our terms. confusing..i know. So I get into this classroom and the kids are already there working on their "numeracy" great. I introduce my self..blah blah blah..and then we get to work on this math. I take one look at it and pretty much have a panic attack. Fractions are NOT my friends. Pie charts with Fractions are NOT my friends! And guess what, that's exactly what they were learning. Oh.My.Goodness. I took a deep breath and sucked up my big girl pants and began. Eeesshh. I had to sit down and figure out the problem myself and surprising myself..i DID IT! I think I was more excited to understand it than the kids were! We made it through the math and all was well. This kids were absolutely nuts. Crazy. Loud. Unimaginable. I decided around 2:30 that I would count the minutes until I could leave. I needed ear plugs. BUT on the positive, at the end of the day i got to go home rather than jail. I got home and went to bed seriously at 8 o'clock.

What else...still no Internet at our house so today I am going to call them and give them a piece of my mind (because being a grumpy-rude person ALWAYS works) hahaha. instead I will charm the people I think..."Heyyyy..I'm from Canada and really need the Internet" some sort of long explanation why it needs to be done today. That's me..angelic.
Today I have also applied for about 23482834908092438905689475 teaching and nursery jobs on the Internet. I want to get a job that I know I am going to everyday and one that I know exactly how to get there and exactly how long its going to take me! I don't like mom can attest to this with Christmas presents at our house! Hopefully something will come up for me like it has for marlee! She got a full time job at a nursery about an hour away from our house (close!!!)

Things I've Learned....

1) Kids here think that we are movie stars from America. Yesterday a child asked me if I was from Mama Mia because i sound like one of them. I know that Rochelle also told me that for a whole week a young boy stared at her because he thought she was from High School how funny is that.

2) It does get a little bit chilly here! It's a different kind of cold though, it's a wet-chill-through-your-bones kinda chilly.

3)The tube is always broken down somewhere. Yesterday I sat in a tube for half an hour before it took off.

Alright! Well that's all for now!
enjoy your Wednesday!
PS...keep sending me your addresses so i can send some letters/post cards/etc.

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Anonymous said...

And by suck up your Big Girl Pants do you actually mean your trousers or, . . . .your panties?
Glad to hear you made it through.