Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey Everyone!
Seems like I am beginning to be on a mid-week and Sunday evening blog writing schedule!

What is everyone doing for the BIG game! I totally wish I was at home to watch this all unfold again. I remember last time I had THE time of my life..something I will NEVER forget! I will be thinking of everyone at home during the game and the atmosphere that Saskatchewan is in! whew! I am going to try see how much of the game I can see. I'm thinking about going to bed then waking up around 2:30-3 to see what the deal is. The time change major sucks in times like this!

My week was great! The last time I wrote I was sick but I seemed to have diverged it as a result of all that sleep I got. Thank Gosh it went away because here you have to register with a doctor before he will help you. Meaning, I would have had to made an appointment to get all registered...I think they just check you out for the registration..then I would have had to make ANOTHER appointment to get some medication for the illness. By this time I probably would have lost my nose or something crazy.

The rest of my week I was at my favourite school so it was wonderful! This week I was even put in charge of "opening the gate" to let the parents in and out in the morning. It was really cool to see the parents to all the kids. Some were very shocking! I feel right at home in that school so hopefully I keep getting work there. They have been practicing their Christmas play and the songs are literally STUCK in my head 24/7. I wake up singing them....I go to bed singing them. I LOVE how schools still put on big productions here! 16 out of 21 kids are Muslim in the class and they still go ahead with the play. The children who are Muslim are involved in the parts that are non-religious (like being a snowflake) Its pretty cool.

On Thursday I got home to see presents for me sitting on the table! YAY! I got a great little care package from Don and Betty. In it was a pair of awesome Canadian Olympics mittens and some Kraft Dinner. The Mitts are proving to be a hit already! I was wearing them on the tube and me and Marlee got into this 40 minute long conversation with another couple. It was hilarious!! They were AWESOME, they turned out to be both teachers and they knew where Saskatchewan was and everything. ALSO, I got a birthday present from Chantal in the mail to. It was a great day, I LOVE getting snail mail here!

This weekend I had a weekend full of adventure! On Saturday me and my friend Blair decided to check out the "Parkland Mall" of the UK. Calling this mall MASSIVE is an understatement. It's full of stores.....and mostly full of people. Me being the curious cat that I am checked out some information on the mall and their are 300+ stores, 80+ restaurants and 96 elevators. It was so busy that when we were going down the elevator I panicked looking at all the people. We checked out a few stores but it was so busy that to actually buy or try something on would have just been a stupid idea. At the UGG store there was a line up like one that you would see at Preeceville Credit Union on a Friday to get into the store. All nicely marked off with rope and everything. Probably had to stand in line for about an hour just to get into the store. No thanks! After the mall we decided that we'd head down town to Leicester Square to score us some sweet musical tickets. It was about 3 so we thought we'd for sure get something good. Jokes on us, the only thing we got was NOTHING. We tried getting tickets for..We Will Rock You, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Pricissla, The Lion King BUT they were all sold out already. No luck there, we settled for the cinema to see A Christmas Carol in 3D. We then waited in line at Pizza Hut for 40 minutes to get a table! haha crazy. Here there is a queue for everything. If you want to use the ATM, you stand in line, if you want to get a coffee there is a line, if you want to use the toilet there is a line. Hell half the time there is a line to get into the line.

What else is new here.... hmm...It's been raining here for days again. What a surprise. I am beginning to think I look HOT in the "wet dog" look. I do this thing with my hair to dry it that involves me sort of headbanging..ya..its hot. I soon need to get a new umbrella, mine is getting worn out and is starting to flip in any sort of wind.
Me and Marlee are addicted to the show X Factor. I have recently met my boyfriend, Olly, on there. I really really hope he wins! X Factor is the UK version of like American Idol but on a much more extravagant! It's great!

Tube News as seen by Crystal Ward

Nail Painter on Tube

Girl decides to freshen up her finger nails on tube. Yesterday, I was minding my own business reading the paper and I smell something that smells like nail polish..clearly no one would paint their nails on the tube, thats a dumb idea. BUT again, I underestimated the power OF stupid people. I look over and sure as hell this girl is sitting their painting her nails as if she was sitting in the comfort of her living room. Jeez. I bet she had fingernail polish all over hands.

Alright! Well I hope everyone is having the time of their lives watching the game! I'm sitting writing this, tuned into an internet feed watching the pre-game!
Go Riders Go!!!
Talk to you mid-week!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm so happy that you are enjoying your new mittens I knew that you would. It snowed here last night a little bit. So now it feels a little more like winter. It is hard to believe that it is December 1st today. Keep writing it is great to hear how you are doing and the fun you are having. Have a great week. Betty

Anonymous said...

That mall would not be a place for me.Even the line ups would drive me crazy.The tube news is cool.You really are a true rider fan,too bad the game turned out the way it did.You enjoy the rain and I will enjoy the

Lindsay said...

"a line to get into the line?" haha its getting super busy shopping-ramming-style. I agree with shelly and love how you guys remained true rider fans. Lets just say well we lost the cup, but the best team definately did not win.

it dumped a foot of snow in regina and driving was a near-death experience for two days. at this point in time, rain would be a better alternative. Hope to hear from you soon! Love you!