Sunday, December 06, 2009

Whooppsiiiesss..It's been a week! Shame Shame on me!

I think I have not wrote because I have been sulking about the Rider loss on Sunday! I started watching it on this live Internet feed and only had intentions to watch the first quarter...however..I found myself at 3 in the morning mourning a loss. Can you believe that last play? I just can't. I think it was no one's fault, just too much excitement! The Riders are so lucky to have such a loyal fan base, they could have lost every game this season and I'm sure the stands still would have been full!

I worked everyday this week again! All the teachers are getting sick everywhere! Some have a cold and some have a nasty stomach flu. eeewwyy. Those can surely stay away from ME! I have been managing to kill off any sickness SO far. Marlee has got me hooked on Echinacea so I'm thinking its been helping! I taught all week in different places again. Mostly the nursery and reception jobs that I love. I am almost tempted to tell my agency that that is ALL I want! BUT, I'm worried if I am too picky I will find myself eating pizza crust off the streets of London. I had to teach in a year 3 last week and if you ask Marlee, you'd know just how much I was hating it before I even got there. BUT, maybe because I had such low hopes, it turned out to be an alright day! I always pick the kid that looks like they'd be the best student and resort to them for any question I may have. Works Magic. I also get one child to read the register so I don't make a total ass out of myself trying to pronounce names. I love when I say a name and they look at me with blank eyes thinking there is no such student! whoooppss. I say we should all name our kids John, Joe, Bob, Sue, Kate, HELL even Margaret would be better than a name like adirmhaman. eesh! The week just flies by when you are teaching because you get home around 5, eat supper and wash dishes by 7 then get ready for the next day and its 8, then do some odd jobs and before you know it it's time for bed! Me and Marlee have a system set up, whoever gets home first cooks supper, who ever gets home lasts is in charge of dishes and making lunches! Works well....this team work!

Friday night I got home and me and Marlee lounged around for what seemed like days. We then sort of convinced eachother that we should go out for a beer at a local establishment to check it out. SO, we googled a place, found one, and set of to find a Carling. We dressed like nun's because we just had plans of going to a sit down sort of place. HOWEVER, we got there and it was BOOMING! It was lots of fun! There was a live band and they were playing popular American songs so we were just singing to them all. I'm sure people thought we were crazy because we knew them all. The pub sort of has the feel of like the Pump or a small town bar. Loved it! Definitely have to go back!

Saturday I babysat all day and had such a lovely time once again with Giaan. He is adorable. This time I made some of "Shelly's Famous Playdough" and we played for hours! I guess in other words....THE PLAYDOUGH QUEEN IS BACK. I remember when Mrs. Klebeck used to call me that! There is somethign about playdough that I JUST love! We also did some Peppa Pig paintings. Peppa Pig is this huge kids cartoon here for toddlers. It's pretty sweet. Also, on the table of "first time's" I tried curry! Preet had made "Raj Maj" I think it was called.. It was delicious! I am very glad I got to try an authentic version first. I'm really glad I picked up this babysitting job because it's so nice to spend some time with young kids!

Today, Me and Marlee ventured to a store called Asda. I knew it was a sort of version of Wal*Mart so I was pretty darn excited. We walked in and got a cart and Marlee noticed that it said "always saving you money" JUST like Wal*Mart! It is very similar and has rollback and the signs look the same and they use walmart telzons. (telzon are the machines used for ordering and checking stock and price checks, etc..)

Before today I did NOT feel in the Christmas spirit one bit. Maybe it's because there is no snow and it is the weather of fall or maybe it's because I'm so far away from my fambam and friends. Not sure. However, Me and Marlee came across a movie called "A Christmas Card" It was delightful! It got me into the spirit and when we went to Asda we found a small 3 foot Christmas tree for 3 pounds! yay! We decorated it and everything, so pictures will follow! I have so much to be thankful this Christmas. Me and Marlee are going to try make some perogies..think we can do it????

Things I've Learned...

Shopping carts are equipped with all turning wheels. In Canada only the front wheels turn 360 degrees to turn. HERE all four wheels turn meaning you can pull your cart any direction any time. It's crazy if you ask me.

Swans are massive. I know what you are thinking..."Crystal you didn't have to go half way across the world to figure this one out" BUT holy cow are they huge! Me and Giaan were feeding the ducks and this swan came out of the water and I almost ran. I thought to myself that this bird could kill me if it wanted to. I picked up Giaan and got the heck outa there! Stay away from the swans...consider yourself warned.

Alright! Talk to everyone soon!
Missing you all!


Canadian Megs said...

Crystallllllllll ... ASDA and Walmart are owned by the same people. That's why they're the same! :)

The one and only..Jessica said...

HA HA HA.. Im laughing about the swans.. I love it!

mom said...

You should really get a close up of the swans,they are such a pretty bird.Glad you make use of the famous play dough recipe.Would be scared to guess how many batches I have made over the years.Glad you girls have decorated your flat for Christmas.I will be waiting for the next

Lindall 85 Meadow Way said...

I'm glad your feeling more christmassy too! and that u found a pump-like bar! lol funny how the world works when you dress like nuns you least expect it to be the complete opposite of what youve prepared for. but good for you!