Thursday, November 19, 2009


Happy Thursday! It's so hard to believe that it's already Thursday! This week has FLOWN by. If this keeps up, next thing I know I'll be on a plane home!

I have been a BUSY beaver teaching this week!
On Monday I was in a reception class. The kids were all really good but it was tricky because there were THREE separate buildings for the school. I spent half the day asking everyone how to get to different places for lunch, for P.E. for computers and the list goes on. I managed ok and didn't get lost TOO much!
Tuesday I be honest I really don't remember, schools are starting to all mesh together. Wednesday I DO remember. I was in a school that I had been to before and I didn't get called until around 7:50. I left the house immediately because I knew it was about an hour and a half to get there. I rolled into the school all pumped because it was 9:15 BUT then the principal got smart with me for being late! He was yelling at me! LoL, what the heck, so wasn't my fault! Started off my day not so well! grrr! hahah. Today I was in a nursery class and I LOVED it! The kids were SO cute :) Tomorrow I am in a school very close to our house so I am VERY excited for that!

Since I have not done one single fun thing this week to write about I decided to throw in some stories about general life in London.

Let's talk about the tube. The tube is a GREAT way and perhaps the only logical way to get around London. If you were to drive everywhere I think you would have worse road rage than my auntie Gwen at Christmas. (Auntie.....I KNOW that you always wish EVERYONE a MERRY CHRISTMAS from your car..this is JUST an example) Anyways, the tube. It is cost efficient, most days costs around 6 pounds to get to school and back. The tube is the most perfect place in the whole entire world to people watch. Everyday I see:
1) 13 1/2 make out sessions. I think the tube makes people want to touch each a magnet almost. I think the magnetic force is different on the tube then in other places in real life? Hmm...
2)I see/hear someone talking super loud to someone on their cell phone. They are fully engaged in their conversation as if they were in the comfort of their own home. I would like to tap the shoulder of one of these people and say "excuse me, but no one else cares that your bread was moldy this morning."
3) I always see people peering over reading their neighbours paper. I enjoy watching this go on to see how long it takes the person with the newspaper to get freaked out they are being stared at.
4)I get to enjoy someone else's musical selections from their ipod. It is great, since I don't have an Ipod, I too can enjoy music on the tube. Today, I enjoyed music in another language, what a multi-cultural experience.
5) I enjoy looking at people's outfits. Just yesterday I saw someone sporting Cheetah print pants and a pink frilly top. This is NEVER a good choice. I have to wonder where the heck these people are going dressed like this. You can't tell me that it is ok to wear that to a professional job, unless you work at the zoo or something.
6) My favourite BY FAR is watching people sleep. I literally have a burst out everyday as people bob their heads in their seat reading their papers. Some choose to fall asleep standing up, some choose to fall asleep leaning their head on a pole and some people choose to keep their head up so that every bump you hit it looks as if their head is going to pop off their socket. Literally, it's hilarious.

I am glad I have so many things to check out when on the tube, otherwise the ride seems as if it takes FOREVER. I think I should make a checklist for each day of things to find. Kind of a "Where's Waldo, Tube Edition." For example-- Find three people reading a dirty novel--CHECK....Find one person with a mullet--CHECK...Find 1 person talking to themselves--CHECK. Do you think I could market this game?

Alright! That's all for now! I think I have a weekend planned out so I'll have something to say next time!!

Things I've Learned...

1) A Vacuum is called a HOOVER. No matter the make, no matter the model, it is a Hoover.

2) The importance of a vacuum. We FINALLY got a vacuum this week! Our awesome blue carpet has not been vacuumed since we moved in and it was so gross! We asked our landlord to bring us one ages ago but FINALLY we got one! Probably spent 2 hours vacuuming. There was a pet living in here before that's for sure. I felt SO satisfied after this vacuum. Dumped out about 3 loads of nastiness and dust from the vacuum.

Talk to everyone sooon!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'll give this a try since your mom told me I should! Good to see that you are getting a bit more teaching time in. Sounds like interesting tube rides.Be holidaying next week-gone to Agrivation and Minot shopping for a few days so will have to catch up in between. Take care.

Channy said...

Alright already, I'll write you another comment even though you know I always read these. Can't wait for the next edition of the "tube news" next blog, those things are hilarious, I'd be bursting out laughing too, keep putting those people watching skills to good use and keep the funny observations coming.
P.S. regarding sunday nov 15's blog on Hairspray, can't wait to visit and to go take in a musical, you know i'd love to see Hairspray but I'd live with seeing any other one.
P.S.S. Hi mom! hehe

Chlorisa said...

Awesome blogs, makes any bad day better with a little laughter from Crystal :)
And yes you absolutely should market your game it could be a play anywhere type thing, the tube, bus, mall, grandma's house it could totally work; I can see it now People Watching with Crystal - heck it could even become a talk show with video clips!!!

Canadian Megs said...

Haha OMG Crystal the end of this blog made me laugh out loud - Marlee probably thinks I've gone off my rocker next door. Your blog is so much funnier than mine! Thanks for the laugh!