Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hope everyone had a good weekend! WOOOHOOO Riders! How exciting that they will be in the Grey Cup. I am going to see if we can get the Maple Leaf to play the game because it would be a SHAME to miss it!

I had a good weekend even though I was played out from working all week! Friday night we went to see New Moon at the cinema! It was great! In order to get to the "cinema" aka theatre we had to walk over River Thames. Marlee hadn't been over the river yet so it was a great first experience. It is really nice at night because all the lights reflect onto the water. New Moon did not disappoint. For all those who are familiar with it, I was MOST pleased with Jacob. I'm a TOTAL team Jacob fan, he deserves to be with Bella! I can't wait until the next one comes out next! At the theatre we got some "5 cent candies" except they aren't called that here. Here you buy them by the weight rather than 5 cents each. 5 cent candies here are not as satisfying as at home. The fuzzy peaches do not taste the same, the cherry blasters are huge, there are NO hot lips, the sour soothers are not sour OR made out of the same thing and the list of 5 cent candy gone-wrongs continues. We still just HAVE to get some even though they are not as good! At the theatre you can also choose whether you get sweet popcorn or salty. The sweet isn't good at all. Just like at home, a night out to the theatre isn't the cheapest but it is still a nice relaxing time!

On Saturday I was supposed to babysit so I got up at 7:40 and left the house around 8:30 to get to Giaan's house in time. I got there and the poor guy was soooo sick. So, I was home by 10:00 AM. I was excited to do some Peppa Pig paintings, but I guess they will have to wait! Since I was home and Marlee was up we decided to head out onto the town for some more exploring. We did not know what we wanted to do, but after consulting our "London Bucket list" we decided to hit up the London Aquarium. The London Aquarium is right alongside River Thames and right beside the London Eye and Big Ben. We hadn't seen them up close yet so that was pretty exciting! Despite the rain and the crowds of people we took lots of pictures of both! (see Facebook Photo's) There were SOOOOO many people alongside this street and I bet 98% were tourists because everyone had their camera's out snapping pictures. I wonder how many I am in! The London Aquarium was fantastic. It was a great way to spend Saturday afternoon. There were all different kinds of sea-life creatures in there such as HUGE turtles, sharks, clown fish, star fish and the list goes on. I was a bit disappointed NOT to find any jack, walleye OR perch in there though! The place is so relaxing and I could have just sat and looked at the fish all day. There were lots of people in there, so I'd recommend going during the week rather than a weekend. I took some pictures and have posted them on Facebook. I made sure I got a picture of a Nemo Fish and a Dori Fish for Ian, Logan and Emma and all the other children checking out my pictures. :) After the aquarium we walked outside and it was dark. The London Eye is SOOO amazing at night! It was pouring cats and dogs so we couldn't take TOO many pictures but we managed to snap a few. We then met Rochelle for supper and ended up sitting in a restaurant for 4 hours visiting and catching up! We went to a place called "My Old Dutch" where you eat anything and everything on a crepe. They were so yummy especially the dessert crepe which had ice cream and caramel sauce and bananas and nuts. Definitely a place to hit up again!

It was literally been raining here for 1 week. Enough already I say! I am beginning to realize how much i under appreciated snow.
Good things about snow:
1) It snows for a day at a time then stops.
2) When it rains you get wet, when it snows you simply wipe it off of you.
3) When it rains the humidity does weird things to your hair, when it snows your hair does not suffer.
4) When it rains you are chilled for the whole day, when it snows you freeze outside, but then come inside and warm up really quick.
5) When it rains you have to mess about with an umbrella. I hate umbrellas, what a hassle! When it snows you throw on your toque and off you go.
6) There are SO many fun activities to do in the snow...someone name me ONE fun thing to do in the rain (except puddle jumping..that's the exception)

Anyways, I worked yesterday at my favourite school and once again had a great day! It's so nice to go into a school where you feel comfortable with the staff and feel as if you are totally welcome. The kids who I taught for a week were very excited to see me so it was great to see them so happy! :) I could go there everyday until I leave and I'd be a happy camper!
Today I did not go to work because I was so sick! I got home last night from school and felt as if I could not walk or eat or anything. I went to bed around 7pm and woke up this morning at 9. After 14 hours of sleep i am finally feeling a bit better. I bought some medicines to aid in my recovery. It's tricky here because they call all their med's by the ingredients in them. There is no tylenol or dristan so most of the time I stand in the isle looking like an illiterate dummy because let's face it, I don't speak doctor. Lindsey helped me out and I got some good stuff that will hopefully help! I also took Lindsey to the airport this morning to see her off to Canada. Unfortunately, the agencies she worked for failed her miserably and she hardly got any work, forcing her to head back to Kingston. :( Heathrow is only 16 minutes by tube, how nuts is that. Visitors.....fly to Heathrow if you can! I must look like I know what I am doing now in London because I got asked for help TWICE! First a young good looking boy beside my tube station who I was HOPING was looking for my house but rather was looking for the road he was already walking on! Next was by a family who happened to be from the USA needed some help on traveling into Central London. I was actually able to help both of them, I was proud!

Tube News as seen by Crystal Ward

Girl sports daisy dukes

My favourite of the week BY FAR has been the girl who thought wearing jean cut off's in the rain was a good idea. Now you see me say "jean cut offs" and think of jeans that used to be long cut into a shorter version to be worn as shorts. These do not fit that category. Imagine cutting your jeans off right under the back pocket. about 2 cm from your back pocket. These shorts should NOT be worn in public, you could literally see her bum cheeks. What was even funnier was the crowd of young and old men alike to check this spectacle out. All the guys were strategically standing behind her, stealing glances and trying to be sneaky. Better luck next time boys...

Live performances on tube

If you were traveling on the tube between Heathrow Terminal 3 and Boston Manner today, you were fortunate enough to be witness to the lovely performance of no name. No Namer decided that it would be OK to loudly sing "Everybody in Love" by JLS while listening to his Ipod. No Namer..if you are reading this..I would NOT buy your cd, so please let JLS sing it, and leave YOUR singing for the shower rather than the tube!

Thats all for now!
Talk to everyone soon!


Anonymous said...

The kids loved the pictures from the aquarium.Nemo and the sharks were a big hit.Your people watching abilities sure have kept you entertained.Keep up with the blogs,will be great for you to read in years to come.

Anonymous said...

singing in the rain is a rain type activity. Jean Shorts= pure hilarity. Good times. Also, please, please, please make a trip to Coronation street for me! Soon! And while your there, make sure to get Ken Barlow's autograph for me! He's my favourite on Corrie! Keep up the blogs, we all love reading them.

Anonymous said...

Crystal! Your blogs never disappoint, you are a wonderful writer. You make me feel like im going on a little adventure every time I read it. Sounds like you are truly living the dream :)I can't wait to see what amazing things you do next. Miss you bud!


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Lindsay said...

HAHAH Crystal your hilarious... live performance on tube lol. i am also excited to see New Moon. I recently refreshed my memory watching twilight two times in one weekend. I'm pretty sure i disagree and Bella should be with Edward.. hehe :)