Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hey Everyone!!
Hope everyone had an exciting weekend!

I haven't really been up to much since I last wrote but thought I'd better at least write SOMETHING!

Since I didn't work Friday (seems like a bad pattern, I know) me and Lindsey decided to hit up another free lunch time concert in the church St.Martins-In-The-Fields. This time we made it in time for the brief introduction about the church. It is the 4th oldest church in London and used to actually be in the outskirts (hence the name.) However, it is now in the dead centre of London right next to Trafalgar Square. They said that when they were doing renovations recently they found some old burials from the Victorian time, so it's old! Today we saw this girl named Harriet Stubbs play the piano. I was expecting this older lady to walk into the room and play. Instead this girl who was knee high to a grasshopper rolled in. She was probably still had a bed time and had to be forced to have a bath once a week. So this tiny 14 year old started playing and holy cats was she ever good. I've never seen such a thing! She got her grade 8 music when she was 7, so she's bit of a prodigy I'd say. She played Beethoven and Liszt and some others. This girl could sure hit a note or two!
After the concert we decided to get some grub Even though the baby-bel that Lindsey packed in her pocket to eat during the concert was filling, we hit up pizza hut. Pizza Hut is yummy here, and if you go between 2 and 4 in the afternoon you strike this deal where you can get a pizza, garlic bread, AND a drink for only 4 pounds. That's dirt cheap!
During lunch we had a great discussion about....seeing a musical! Although I sometimes think of my life as a musical, I hadn't had the chance to see one LIVE in London yet! No day but today right?! So we wondered down to the discount ticket prices and purchased 3 tickets to HAIRSPRAY for that evening for 24 pounds. This is compared to the regular tickets for around 45 pounds plus. I was stoked! After we had some time to kill so we walked around Oxford street and checked out the Christmas lights. I found out that just nights before that Jim carey had lit them himself during the Premier to his new film. (Has anyone seen a christmas carol yet?? Is it deadly) We also went to "Hamleys." Ever walk into a place and feel your mood change? WELL..I walked into this place and immediately felt enchanted! It was like in the movies at those HUGE toy stores at Christmas! This store is seven floors of toys, toys and more toys! They have little booths where kids and adults get to try out the toys before they buy them, how sweet is that?
Now, lets talk about HAIRSPRAY! It was ah-maze-ing. From start to finish I had a huge grin on my face. All the characters could sing and dance and act..a triple threat..something I always wanted to be. The story line is similar to the movie, but the movie definitely strays from the true story. My favourite was Seaweed, he had this room shaking voice and could dance like nothing I've ever seen before. Motormouth Maybelle was WAY better in this than the movie..sorry Queen Latifa! All in all, I LOVED it! I've decided that I'm NOT going to party anymore and instead spend my money on Musicals (one heck of a plan I think)

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, just enjoyed some down time. I finally caught up on One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy. Since I'm all caught up on that I've decided to start watching Glee! Needless to say..I'M HOOKED! It's so entertaining! I also bought a backpack to haul around my life from school to school so that's great. Hmm...thats the weekend in a flash! hehe.

Now taking a small ride in the time warp machine back to Thursday Night, which is also known as the day I turned into a old hen. I forgot to mention last blog about Marlee's hamburger. Since silly silly Marlee pigged out on the buffet at The Harvester the poor little girl couldn't finish her hamburger. So, she thought it would be a great idea to simply ask for it to be wrapped up so she could enjoy it for lunch. She asked for a "take out container" and the flirty waiter told us they do not package things up, BUT for Marlee he'd "cling wrap" it for her! So he rolls out of the kitchen with a perfectly wrapped up burger in saran wrap. The curious cat in myself had to ask WHY the heck they don't package it up. Apparently because if the person takes it and lets it sit in the back seat of their car for a week then reheats it and dies from it, they could in reality sue the harvester. hahah. funny we thought!

I taught today (Monday) in a school near Marlee's work. They were a good class of Reception kidlets. The school had three separate buildings so I spent most of the day trying to navigate! I'm prebooked tomorrow in a private school so we will see how that goes!

Things I've Learned....

1) It gets damn windy here- for the past 3 days it is more windy than it is after Christmas dinner with Uncle Leonard. I didn't think it would get windy here due to all the tall buildings! BUT I've almost been blown away on multiple occasions.

Alright! Talk to everyone soon!

Thanks Jessica for the birthday card AND thanks Ian Logan and Emma for the package of great treats!!! :)


Anonymous said...

You need to go back to the toy store and try out the noisy toys.Make sure they all work.Remember at walmart,the number of times you had everything playing at once.

Anonymous said...

Keep on writing these as we could get them published in a book.Come on people if you are reading the blogs please comment as Crystal is threatening to quit writing them if no one comments.Go to the toy store again just for said

Betty said...

Hi Crystal Keep the blogs coming don't quit. You are such an awesome writer. It feels like we are there with you. It is so interesting to learn about another country when some one we know is there.

Betty said...

It worked I am so exited!!! You don't know how many messages I have lost out in cyberspace or some where.Some one is probably reading them and is so so confused. Have a great evening

Anonymous said...

I am very jealous of your musicals...and I've even seen Hairspray. It is very cool that you can go to them whenever, that's definitely what I would be doing if I were there. William told me you are going to Wicked sure to write about it!