Monday, November 09, 2009

Live from the world wide web!

Good news! I'm STILL living! You'd never know since it took me 8 3/4 years to write a new blog. tsk tsk on me. BUT on the positive, I am typing this from the comfort of my own bed! WOOHOO yes after a month of creeps at an internet cafe we are FINALLY connected to the world wide web at my house! yay! We have a phone line, interweb as well as some tele. It's very exciting, however we still do not have a house phone because they are as hard as finding a beer in the fourth quarter at a Rider game.

My past week has been very very busy, but also very exciting!!
I got a call on Monday to teach a reception class (kindergarten) for the day and possibly for the week. I was super pumped! I got to the school and just had the best day ever. The kids were all very cute and the staff were amazing and helpful! The school then asked me to stay the whole week! It was so great to have the same group of kids for five days straight. I actually felt the need to learn their names, their personalities, etc. The whole week went flawless and I even got to go on a trip with them. My first big field trip in London and let me tell you it was no walk to the vet clinic in Carnduff. We first of all had 38 4 year olds. We had to take two city buses and then walk a fair distance to get there. WHEW, I was played out making sure everything was well before we even got to the destination. We went to a place called the "Aspley House" It is also known as London #1 because it is the first house number in London apparently. This massive house was the house of the Duke of Wellington's. It was decorated the same that is was back then and yada yada. The Duke of Wellington faught in a big fight called the Battle of Waterloo and fought's a big deal. Even a BIGGER deal, he is the man, the hero, the legend for the creation of "Wellington Boots" or "wellies in slang term." I'll send a pound to the first person who actually knows what these are. I had no idea, all the kids knew though..i'm just the stupid teacher! After they told me I of course knew. We looked at some art, we drew some art and then we had lunch before heading back to the school. On the way to the school we went on a walk into Princess Diana's memorial walk park. A kid had to pee, so he peed on the tree, I guess thats ok EVEN in London! We made it back to the school and I was completely tired and played out. I was glad to go on the trip because I probably wouldn't have gone there otherwise, a little tourist attraction, WHILE getting paid!

On Thursday (5th) is Guy Fawke's Day in England. I had no clue why this dude got a day named after him and why the heck it was such a big deal. I asked some people and found out that in 1605 there was a group of people who wanted to blow up King James 1 along with the Paraliment building so that the Catholics could take over (DAMN YOU CHANTAL) So on November 5th Mr.Fawkes himself was caught in the cellar of the building with 36 barrals of gunpowder just waiting to blow up the place! Thus, people of London celebrate the Kings great escape and the death of Guy Fawkes. So in celebration that he didn't blow things up, they blow things up. This day is also known as bonfire night and all around the city there are HUGE MASSIVE firework displays. We went to one at Clapham Common. I have never seen such a thing in my life. The grand finale of Sturgis Rdoe was equivelant with the first measly one they shot off to see if it was working. They went non stop for about 45 minutes and had music in the background. It was breathtaking. Me and Marlee were like little girls who just saw two grade twelve kids kiss in the smokers pit at school. We couldn't stop giggling and smiling and looking. After the fireworks we realized that there was probably a million people there. Thats no exaggeration. It was chaotic, nuts,crazy. Made me realize that coming out of ACDC at mosaic stadium was like a walk in the park. As we tried to figure out how to get home in these masses I noticed things about the general public. 1)Everyone was prepared. Both parents and children had bottles in their hands. Everyone had some sort of open liquar in their hands right in the streets. 2)people are crazy. 3)Everyone packs their own sparklers to light after the fireworks are done. It was really fun. We got home 2 hours after the fireworks where it would normally take baout 45 minutes.

On Saturday i started job #2.I decided to pick up a side casual babysitting job. I mean, what would i do if i wasn't babysitting! The people's house is only around half an hour away so its nice and close! I am so glad i decided to do this because i had such a great day with little Giaan. He is two years old and so funny and cute. There is something about funny kids that I like! We had an awesome day of playing in the park, feeding the ducks, reading books (Peppa Pig), having tea parties with biscuits and other fun activities. Next I am going to make some playdough to take with me..the legacy of the playdough queen WILL continue. The family who i am babysitting for is also great. So nice and so helpful and funny as well. At the end of the day i walked out with 56 pounds. yes, that is about 110 bucks! woohooo!

Saturday night we had a housewarming/my birthday/meaghan birthday party at our house. It was SO much fun! It's hard to believe we actually have friends here! I'd say there was around 15 people here mostly all from Canada. I'm really enjoying meeting all these canadians from other parts of the country. it's lovely. We enjoyed playing some Moose and having a good time.

On Sunday, it was "Remembrance Sunday" because they do not get the 11th off for normal remembrance day. Me and Marlee wanted to go but ended up not going. I have literally never been so dissapointed in myself. We watched it on tv and it was wow. It was live from downing street. The queen laid her wreath as did other important people. The last post was played beautifully and i couldnt help but to feel upset that i was not there. How stupid of me, to be here and NOT go! ugh! I guess the matter of it all is that i did get to watch it on tv and was able to have a remembrance day service of some sort. Not a total waste.

Thing's I've learned....

1) Rubber means eraser. Thus, if a child is to erase some pencil work he/she simply "rubs it out"

2)Tea IS tasty. I've taken a liking to it. With milk and sugar please! How British of me!

3)there are tons of people here. (I mean i knew that but didn't really fully realize the amount until the fireworks

4) It is ok and NORMAL to shoot of fireworks anytime anywhere here. I nearly shit the bed everynight due to fireworks going off in my street. Whew. I wonder if they have a permit?

Alright, I will start doing this more regularly! I promise!!!

Seriously thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this. It means a lot to me. I am always interested to see who is reading! I love you all!


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Chlorisa said...

and I didn't even have to look it up!!!

1 pound please for my uber smartness.

Bekki said...

damn I was going to guess rubber boots too!

Mama Kelly said...

So glad you have a new blog Crystal, I was getting tired of reading the same one over and over again!

Ya, I was going to say rubber boots too but I guess I'm too late for the prize!!

Sure enjoy reading about all yours and Marlee's adventures!