Thursday, November 12, 2009

a message from an older..wiser..more beautiful me.

Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone is doing just lovely on this special Thursday November 12th 2009.

I have been teaching both yesterday and today. It was a school close to Heathrow Airport and I saw the airport! We live VERY close to the airport, I knew this but never realized it was literally only 20 minutes. It's so nice to go somewhere where you do not have to spend 3 hours on the tube! I taught year 2 and it was good. There was 25 kids so we were definitely busy the whole time. Yesterday the 11Th, the school had a little Remembrance Day service so I greatly appreciated that. At eleven we stopped what we were doing to join in on the proper 2 minute silence. I was surprised that kids sat so well without saying anything!

Today i celebrated the day of my birth. My day was perfect. I woke up to see the birthday fairies had decorated the house for my special day. i was surprised they found me all the way in London but I guess they must be something like the Easter Bunny or Santa. Marlee spoiled me rotten this morning with a present! She gave me a children's book, a big girl book, a London change purse, some Lodon pictures and these VERY VERY cute finger puppets that she got from a craft show. I absolutely LOVED it! We also went for supper tonight at the Harvester. It is this amazingly cheap place for food by our house with delicious food. It is almost something like you'd expect from a small town restaurant mixed with Bonanza. All the meals are 4.99 before 6:30 with free salad bar! Delicious! Now i am just spending some time reading ALL my face book messages. I feel so loved and it warms my heart to read every single birthday message! Thank you grandma W and Aunt Thelma & Co. for sending me a birthday card!

Things I've Learned....
More word conversions!

1)"pudding" NOT instant or no name tapioca in a container but rather any sort of dessert. "Would you like pudding for dessert"

2)"pram" I have literally never used this in Canada..but it is a stroller for a young child. "You have to sit in the pram until we get to the park"

3)"queue" I have used this in French class and I know it means "line" but it is their MAIN word. For example, there are signs everywhere that say "please queue here"

Alright! Have a wonderful day! love you all!

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Jessica said...

I am glad you had a good birthday Crystal!! By reading your blogs.. feels like I am right there in London besides you.... experiencing it all as well! xoxo