Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hump Day 2

HEY everybody who actually reads this! So i just wrote a long blog like YESTERDAY so i really do not have to much to say! I can tell you that I am EXTREMELY PUMPED about this evening, why you might ask.........CUZ ONE TREE HILL STARTS WOOHOOO! i have not been this excited about a silly little show since last year! lol! Speaking of season premiers...why the heck is 7th heaven back for its 100th season? Jeez, love the show and all, but if they were just going to bring it back then why the heck would they make such a big deal with the series finale last year?! yeah crazy! TV is grand...i love the fact that I actually get the opportunity to watch it this year, last year in College West i had none..yeah it sucked without One Tree Hill! How SAD! oh well enough said until next time...keep it between the navigational beacons!

oh I also burnt my ear on my hair straighener today..yeah im hurts like hell

Catcha ya on the flip side!

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