Monday, September 18, 2006

The weekend....

Hey everyone! It is already Monday, holy cow! My weekend was just grand and wonderful! Friday night me and a friend went to the bar with Dionne, however i still felt like crap from earlier that day so we just ended up going home really early. Saturday me and my roomate had a small "social gathering" and had lots of fun! A friend from Prince Albert also came down that i met last year from Rez so that was defintely a ton of fun!
Sunday was pretty boring didn't do anything to interesting but cleaned the house and did some homework. Me and my roomate chantal :) also stole well "picked up" another friends vehicle so we cruised albert in it for a long time. It is amazing how many CHICKS checked us out! I love how people see a car like his and automatically believe it is a "guy." Good times!
Well talk to everyone soon!
Have a wonderful week AND catch ya on the flip side!

P.S. my email is if you want you can add me to MSN!

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