Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13, 2006

Today in class i learned many things! There are so many free educational sites out there it is crazy. For example all the Tux programs. The math one is very tricky! Holy! it reconfirms that I am extremely bad at math. I think I need to go home tonight and play this game all night hopefully I will improve! The other tux sites are also very useful and can be incoperated nicely into a lesson plan, or could be used when the students are all finsihed what they are doing as a filler at the end of the day.

Also, it is quite amazing what word has to offer people. There are so many things in the program that people are unaware of that essentially saves lots of time. The table of contents would have come in VERY handy last year for some projects that we had to do! I can see the mail merge also very interesting.

I find that this class goes by SUPER FAST and all the information we learn in this class has some valubility in it!

Hopefully the rest of my classes will ZOOOOMM by like this one, then I can enter my appartment and have a nice nap!
Talk to you all next time and hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!

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