Monday, September 11, 2006

Hey ok here is my OFFICIAL first blog, since this one will actually contain some kind of information. The first week of school is over already, if time flies like this all year it will not take long for this semester to be done with!
ECMP 355 so far has been a good time! I have already learned more then i did in 2 classes then I probably did through my computer classes in High School! It is awesome! It is quite amazing how many sites there actually are out there for educational purposes and cool ways to keep in touch with everyone. Living three hours away from home its important to keep in touch with pictures and other things. Such things as youtube can be a very interesting website to look through and to get a good laugh when you are super bored and probably should be doing homework instead.

I look forward to updating and developing my personal "blog" wow that seems really hightech!

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Krysta said...

It's learned not learnt. Jeeze, and your going to be a Teacher!!!