Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monday September 25

Hey there everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, who am I kidding, no one even reads this I don't think so why do I ask questions...silly me. Anyways, another weekend has gone by and the month is already almost over! It seems like I just moved here again! So my weekend was a good one and I would strongly recomend that you see Jackass Number 2...I did TWICE! Good show, way better then the first one! I also got to go to the lake with a friend this weekend, since my roomate ditched out and went home for the weekend. I love the lake and I hope that some day I can own my very own cabin :) It is so relaxing out there no matter what the weather is like. Then I traveled to Strasbourg with my friend and we got to play with his ferrets for like an hour and a half. I love ferrets...they rock! I think that pets are just great. ( I am going to write somethign educational based!!)
What do YOU think of pets in the class room? I remember in grade one we had a hamster...he ran away one day..but me and my friend Cindy found him in a corner. I think having pets in the classroom is a great opportunity for children to learn about animals and it also gives them an idea of how much work pets can actually be. Any classroom that I have ever been to that has had pets, the children take great pride in them and look after them very closely.
There is my educational part, now back to my weekend. After we played with Fez and Honey we went in for a visit with his grandma and she took us out for supper! She is an amazing women who has so many interesting life stories and like any grandmother is just delighted when you stop in for a visit!
And that was my weekend, now its back to class and back to the same old same old. Who ever reads this should leave a HELLO at least in the comment box, just so i know who reads it!

Well...Catch ya on the flip side!

Oh...its almost time for the Black Eyed Peas...should be a good concert!
To add....as a follow up on that supper i made the other nite...yeah it was amazing...i suprised myself...i have some MAD skills people MAD skills!

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