Thursday, October 05, 2006

interesting story in the news

So today I was catching up on some interesting news and i came accross this article, you should read it by clicking here!
I found that story VERY interesting. Makes a person wonder, how could a teacher get away with charges like this and no one know about it?! I strongly believe that teachers have to be excellent role models and have to be very careful what they do outside of school. For instance, when I would see my teachers going to the bar, it was such a big deal. Or if i was at a normal Preeceville Ukrainian wedding when the whole town was there and we would see a teacher enjoying a beverage, everyone would be talking. However, all the teachers that i ever seen always have still be very respectful out of school. As i got older and started babysitting for a lot of my teachers i also got to see them a little "intoxicated" at times. For an older student i do not think it is such of a big deal, we understand that they to are people. HOWEVER, in this case it isn't a case of enjoying himself. He was obviously trafficing cocaine. This is not acceptable for a teacher, and espicially for the fact that no one even KNEW he was charged! crazy! I really believe what Bernadette told the press about telling her daughter. "the children develop a sense of trust and confidence towards their teachers..." this is so true. I can not remember not trusting one of my teachers. As a student we believe usually that our teachers are wonderful people whom we can trust. This should be true by all means. I think that Mr. Mamela should not be able to teach simply because of this outrageous act that he's done. Teachers have to be respectful rolemodels and it is obvious that Mr. Mamela is not.


Jane said...

Hi Crystal, I have to agree with you. He should never teach again. Not when his profession is working with children.
I find it hard to believe that it took so long for anyone to find out. That itself is quite scary. I understand the boards policy, but still, I would be furious if I were a parent of one of the children he was teaching.

Erin said...

Starting in EPS 100 we all became familiar with the fact that we are held up to high moral standards in this profession. The STF has a Code of Ethics that we must live by and if we are not living up to those expectations then we should not be allowed to teach.