Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey high tech world!
Its all know what Wednesday is..HUMP DAY. Yes the week is already half over, wow how time flies. I really have nothing exciting to write about so here goes nothing.
Tonight my big brother finally comes home, well he has only been gone TWO WEEKS but hey who's counting. He is probably going to yell at me for sure because i talked to some of the guys he works with on Saturday night...yup I am for sure going to be in trouble :S Oh well, nothing new for me. We are going out for supper with him, his girlfriend and a friend from back home who FINALLY moved back to the city, its bad news for me that shes back, we tend to get into A LOT of trouble. Did you know that A LOT is actually TWO words and not one?! Who knew? WoW my mind is really not coherent today.
Tomorrow night i am going to be a chef. Well not really, I am just cooking a chicken, a whole chicken! I am even going to stuff it and make some yummy gravy. Sounds impressive I know. Then me and Chantal (my roomate) are having my brother, his girlfriend and our friend David over for supper. Yup its going to be good.
One of these days I am going to write something educational in my blog, someday....someday. Someone give me an idea of what I should write about and i can gaurentee you that I will write about it just for you. This blogging business is going alright and I can defintely see that it is a great way for people to stay in touch! Maybe I should start telling my friends from back home to get this stuff
Well alec is telling us that we are going to start class
so catch ya on the flip side!

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