Friday, August 17, 2007

My Digital Ownership.

Where in the large spectrum do I fit into digital citizenship?
I think in order to come to a clear answer on this subject, one has to look at their past with technology and how much it was a apart of their past. My family did not get a computer until 1999, and I remember clearly the worries of the Y2K and how it was going to totally crash this new computer. Me and my brother were totally excited to wake up Christmas morning to a computer, we played some hunting game non stop for a while -eventually it DID get boring! Before the days of a computer, my house ran just fine. My parents encouraged us to spend as much time outside as we possibly could. We never really had ANY technology when I think about it now. We did have a Sega system, but we rarely played it, we just were not interested. From 1999 until I believe 2001 we never even had the internet, when we did get the internet it was dial up until 2003. Before that I had really only experienced a bit of "the world wide web." However, from 2003 on I believe I really have become a "citizen." I love to surf the net and look up information that really has no relevance to anything. I am also an addict to keeping in touch with friends and family. My MSN messenger usually is always on, even though 3/4 of the time I am not physically at my computer - but what if someone wants to leave a quick message...right? I have also in my past years had a Hi-5 account, when that went out of style I got a myspace account and currently I am all up in the hype of Facebook, just like everyone else. I really really enjoy keeping touch with people who have moved away from me. I feel that with a site like facebook, where people can post pictures or tid bits of information is amazing. One of my fellow classmates who left in grade 6 just found my class on the site. How amazing is that. Or how amazing is it to find out that someone who was expecting a baby had it. I am all about websites like this, even though i am fully aware how careful you really have to be. I also really enjoy websites like these because you can post pictures, so people who have moved away can get an idea of what you look like. In one high school class my class started to talk about loosing touch after high school, because everyone older says that eventually the people you graduated with you will not see again. Do you think this is true in this day and age? I am sure after the facebook phase goes out, something else will come up where once again we can reconnect with long lost people. I think that in "this day and age" it is so much easier to keep in touch and there are so many options out there for a person.
As for other technology I didn't get a cell phone until I moved away from home in November of 2005. Now i would probably admit that I am pretty addicted to it as well. Once again my excuse for this is. - I like to know whats going on! I don't own an Mp3 player or an Ipod but I do own a satellite radio and am in love with it.

Overall, I think I would call myself well in touch with the digital world. I love to fiddle around with technology and get them to work in the way that I want them to work. Technology is out there, its time we all embraced it - look at the power it gives us!

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