Friday, August 03, 2007

"Blogging Buddies"

Today while at work, a little boy recognized me and was very excited to see his "blogging buddy." During one of my classes last semester (Elng to be exact) we were each paired with a young blogger from Moose Jaw. Over the course of the semester we frequently checked in to our buddies blogs and commented positive feedback as well as questions. Finally at the end of the semester our whole class made the trek to Moose Jaw for a morning with these students. In the beggining I felt this was maybe not the best idea, but as I got to know my student i felt that it was very positive. We were able to first hand see the progression and improvement of a student. I started to enjoy this so much that even after the University year had ended i still continued to leave a message now and again for my buddy. Kathy Cassidy, the teacher of the particular class also had her students doing some amazing things. They were making videos, clips, editing things as well as making wiki's. A lot of the time we were totally amazed at what each child could do! Kathy proves that kids can pretty much do anything if they are taught and are allowed a chance to "fool" around on the computer teaching themselves certain things. I think that way to often in our classrooms we limit what the child can do on the computer simply because they are "expensive." Overall, I was very glad also to see my little blogging buddy and was pleased with the experience of having a blogging buddy.


Janine said...

I think that is really interesting to be matched up with someone else, and especially from a younger age group. You are right children can learn anything if given the time and the nurturing.

smytheg2001 said...

It is great to see this experience has had such a lasting effect on both you and your blogger. I know it did on myself and mine as well!

Jane said...

Hey Crystal, pretty cool that you and your blogging buddy met again by chance!
I too enjoyed the experience. It was also really great to make the digital connection with Kathy Kassidy. As future teachers we can learn a lot from her and how she uses technology in the classroom.

rwedhorn said...

Hi Crystal
I was amazed at what the little guys could do in Kathy's class. Wow they were so talented and it was all so easy for them. She is very talented herself, it would be so cool to intern in her class. I will be standing at the front of the line to try and get her for my placement. That is great that you saw your blogging buddy again. It is so easy to get attached to the students.

Nickster said...
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Nickster said...


I am curious as to what grade the younger students were in, and what kind of things you blogged about? Did they have assignments posted, which you commented on?
I too agree that when it comes to technology some teachers often limit their students, and fail to realize what they are really capable of. I believe that it is not only because of money, like you had mentioned, but also because of our own lack of knowledge. I think that technology is foreign to some teachers, that they underestimate the abilities of their students.
I suppose this could happen with specific subjects as will. If we, as teachers, are intimidated by something we may try avoiding it. Really, however, I believe the corrective action is to keep educating ourselves, even if it means learning from our students.