Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I was reading a Blog from the Cool Cat Blog the other day and found a quote that is interesting. The quote stated, "The one frustrating thing about teaching is that sometimes you feel like you're putting your hand in a bucket of water... when you take your hand out, you don't see the mark." How true is that, I have had many chances to work with children and sometimes wonder if they are actually LEARNING what I am offering. The truth about this blog is that you can not give up, but keep on trying your hardest to find ways to teach in the best possible way that you can. From a students point of view, I loved when teachers would come up with creative ways to teach interesting ways to remember little tidbits of information is the best way, and I still find myself referring back to those.

Some day's no matter what you are doing, whether in general life or in a teaching career you have to realize that you are making a "mark" even when your hand comes out of the water and you do not see one. It is important to not give up on these days, but think of ways that maybe next time you can make your attempt more successful.


smytheg2001 said...

I have to agree Crystal - we will not always see the 'fruits' of our efforts, but we have to try nonetheless. If your heart is in something and you are really passionate about, you will make a mark... if only a small one.

Nickster said...


I enjoyed reading this post of yours, and found the quotation very inspiring. This reminds me when I was pre-interning in a grade 12 art class. I remember looking around and thinking how I was only a few years older then the students. At first I was worried that I had nothing to offer them, and I remember thinking to myself "how can I inspire these students"? This leads me to the comment made by Smytheg2001, when he say's "if your heart is in something and you are really passionate about it, you will make a mark". I completely agree with him, because in my pre-internship experience I realized that no matter ones age, anyone who is passionate and real about something will be reflected through heir teaching, which in turn will inspire others.