Monday, August 13, 2007


So this weekend I had some company who I have not seen in about a year so that was very exciting. One thing we did while they were here was go to the Imax theatre. We watched a wonderful documentary called "The Alps." It told the story of a young mans dream to climb a certain mountain in memory of his father who was killed climbing the mountain. The filming really was extraordinary and breathtaking. During the forty five minute film I got thinking about my high school experiences with documentary's. I thought to myself that if I was watching this in my social studies or science class i would for sure be dozing off by the first ten minutes. However, the large screen and all the noise had me captivated, I was hooked into the story line. How great is it to be able to offer something like the Imax to a classroom? As a teacher to have this at your disposal is just amazing. As a rural kid we made two trips to Regina on school trips to go to the Imax and the Science Center. Of course our trips to these places were more extravagant then those of the kids already in Regina. We would get up at six board the bus at seven, then travel the three hours. Once in Regina, we'd eat and even shop. All of these trips were very informative and I even still remember them. I think by using places like the Imax is a wonderful way to switch the way you are teaching and offer another source. The science center and the Imax have deals for classroom's, exciting ways to get children to think as well as every age loves it. As one can clearly see, I am all about the Saskatchewan Science center and Imax, check out the website!

Whats your thoughts on class trips?
Besides the fact that they require A LOT of planning to make sure everything runs smoothly, I believe they are very beneficial!

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smytheg2001 said...

It sounds like the Imax had a great impact on you this weekend! I agree entirely that field trips can be a powerful tool. Going to High School in Cold Lake, AB, I had a similar experience of the 'ordeal' surrounding a trip to Edmonton. One really stands out in my mind though. During the physics section of Science 20, we took a trip to West Ed. and before we could ride the rides or shop, we had to figure out the velocity, etc. of all the rides (I believe we also went to the Imax). This really was valuable and you had to know your stuff to get through it.
I too see how wonderful it would be to have so many more learning tools at your 'fingertips'. It can definitley be a process to organize a field trip but if there really is an educational value to it, then it's worth it. I also think that for students who are somewhat disadvantaged or who's parents don't take the time to introduce them to some of the interesting things that are out there, this is a great way to open more doors for them.