Monday, August 13, 2007

Digital Story

Here is my digital story. I had some trouble with getting some old pictures from discs, but once i did, this program was a breeze! It would work really well for making slide shows for weddings or events like that. Also, this could be really helpful in the classroom for open houses. It would be really neat for parents to walk into a classroom where a slide show of all the events their children have partaken in where on a screen. Children would love to share that with their parents and friends.

My video is on friendship. As my friends know I am very camera happy and take a million pictures. I thought this was a perfect way to be able to show my friends how much they mean to me. Another friend along with myself sat down and wrote the sayings that are within the show. Every picture has some meaning to do, which is why it is there. I also used Vimeo, a website that I have used in the past for posting silly videos with my friends. It works really well and is so easy to understand.


Friendship from crystal and Vimeo.


Amber said...

Very touching and heart warming. I loved the song choice and thought it fit the theme and pictures beautifully. The written sayings that you wrote were also very inspirational and made me smile. The video made me think of all my own close friends and how much I really do cherish them. Great idea! You have a lot of memories there and this is an awesome way to showcase them! I'm sure your friends will appreciate it!

Shareski said...

Nicely done. I liked how you used quotes as well. For example the quote about connection and not age then showed the little girl was well timed. This type of format is really nice for kids....Use quotes and combine them with images.