Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had an amazing week and weekend! I see that it's pretty chilly there today.

My week was..QUICK. It seems like time just flies by. One day I'm hating that it's Sunday evening and before I can even BLINK it's already Friday evening. I think that time really does goes quicker the older you get. I can't imagine it flying any faster but I guess time will tell.

I had a good week at my school and I'm really starting to love every moment. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I think it would be easier to work closer, but overall I am really grateful to have a classroom of kids who know me. This week we were learning all about the Olympics still and about birds. It's been fun! I've changed around my classroom a bit, so I'm curious as to how the kids will respond. I'm finally getting into a groove of assessment but still find it wayyy overwhelming. One day I showed the kids pictures that momma had sent to me of the snow you guys got! HOLY jumping joseph you guys got a ton! I wish I would have had a video camera when they saw them. There reactions were "WOOOOOOOOWWWW" They could not believe it. It was really super cute. I showed all my staff and they too were in complete shock and pondered..."how do you live in that much snow" I told them that we all live in our igloo's and are quite happy driving our electric cars. They didn't get that I was joking, so I guess the jokes on them.

This weekend we went to a Canadian Teachers Drink night at the Maple Leaf. I really do enjoy that bar and it's nice to hear an accent we recognize. There were a ton of teachers there, but unfortunatly for us there was a hockey game playing so the pub was full. We all ended up sitting at different tables around the pub. Me and marlee sat a table with some new people. They turned out to be awesome fun, so hopefully we'll get to party with them again very soon.

So here's the deal. We've been having a problem with a feline in our backyard tearing into our garbage. Ok, so we're unsure that it's ACTUALLY a kitty because it could be the fox we see lingering around our streets. Either way, some four legged creature has been jumping the fence and tearing into our garbage..which I am NOT ok with. Unless he/she starts paying some of the grocery bill. Today me and Marlee stepped out the door to pick up the garbage. I ended up making a garbage shanti out of scrap wood and bricks in our backyard. I think the shanti will come in handy because when my mom and dad come they will have a home away from home. A home really made out of love and basically looks like something out of a magazine. Pure lovely. Then, after we made the shanti, we proceeded to clean out our backyard! You'll never believe this, BUT there are TULIPS coming up already! Yup, January 31st and tulips are coming up. Then, after the gardening was complete, we made our annual Sunday Roast. Every weekend now me and marlee cook up a chicken with mashed potatoes and vegtables and gravy and on and on and on. Yummy!

things i've learned this week.....

We are smarter than you're average feline...

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mom said...

A fox around your yard is like the moose we had running around town a few years ago.Glad that you put your carpenter skills together and built that box.I hope it keeps the creatures out of the garbage.I really hate picking up the garbage more than once.