Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey everyone!

So much for that "Sunday night blog night"-- my bad. Truth be told I was far too tired come Sunday evening to even think about sitting down and tapping away. I promised myself i’d do it Monday evening..then Tuesday..and NOW it’s already hump day and I’m far behind!!

New in my in my life—nothing! I am really starting to get the hang of my job and really starting to enjoy the kid’s personalities. Man do I love funny kids. It is great that there are only 20 of them so I feel like I can really get to know each and every one. It also makes easy for classroom management, which I'd NEVER complain about! The other day one of the little boys were talking to another teacher and said to her, “miss, miss. Ward lives in High School Musical!” Hahaha, First I laughed, then in proper musical fashion I broke into song. I sang a rendition from High School Musical. I always loved the thought of living in a musical where everyone and any moment breaks into song. What a dream life that would be. Unfortunately, the commute is NOT getting easier OR quicker. Even with the extra hour of sleep I never have enough energy. The other day while sleeping on the tube, I was holding my phone and it dropped out of my hand and onto the floor!

Come Friday night, I was totally played out and me and Marlee went to the candy shop, bought some treats and watched 4 episodes of Lost. A long time ago, i discovered a small shop a block away from our house, but never did venture into it. On Friday, we walked on over and boy were we pleased at what we found. In this store was Marlee's weakness, FIVE CENT CANDIES! We loaded up and made our way back home. Upon eating these candies, we were MORE than pleased with what we had found. The sour soothers tasted like heaven. Usually, the candies taste a lot more gooey and a lot less sour, which overall leaves you unsatisfied. The particular sour soothers we found are the amazing, sour, eat until your tongue is sore soothers. Yum!

Anyways, enough about the damn candy. On Saturday morning I babysat bright and early at 9. Me and Giaan had the time of our lives once again. He is just so darn funny and fun. It's nice to hang out with a three year old since I'm starting to miss all my favourite kids at home! We played store, we played puzzles, we played with cars, we read some books, we built a tower, we cooked lunch and we watched some Peppa Pig. Overall, it was tiring! lol.

I came home from babysitting and got ready for the next big event of the day. Me, Marlee, Kristin and Kristin's sister (Anna) and friend (Cheryl) hit up the streets of London on a pub crawl. It was a blast as per usual and we all managed to make it home alive! On Sunday, when I should have been at home planning, the girls twisted my arm and convinced me to head to Camden with them. I`ve been to Camden a couple of times now BUT, every time I go I discover a piece that I`ve never seen before. There really are probably 999 different little shops selling different little trinkets and outfits and bongs and whatever else you can imagine. There was this one place with really nice pictures of London that I want to go back and pick up a few as decorations for a future house.

Things I've learned....

1) American Cherry Cola is amazing. The girls at work are constantly raging about how lucky I am to be able to get it whenever I want back home.

To that I say: Do people even really DRINK c-c-cherry cola? I have tasted it here in England and it really is flat.

2) McDonald's in America is better for one reason. What is that reason you may be wondering..well let me tell you. It is because we have DR. PEPPER on tap. I really don't think it is called "on tap" but you know the stuff that isn't in a bottle, comes out of the machine...

To that i say... Do a lot of people bend over backwards to order a "dr. pepper" with their Big Mac meal? I

That's really all I have for last week. I'm sorry!! Please don't stop reading!

Love you all, miss you all, yada yada yada.


Jessica said...

on tap=fountain pop?? haha thats what i call it

Crystal MJ said...

hahahhahah YES JESS! THANK YOU! i've been thinking about it for days!!

Anonymous said...

Today I showed my mom your blog.. we both quite enjoyed it. She is looking forward to reading more of it in time. Mom says, "Hi from the Lisitza's and you should become a writer haha." I say, "Your still a hick."
Love you,