Monday, February 08, 2010

Hey Everyone!

I hope that Mushers weekend was great! I see that it's pretty cold there today! whew! It was FREEZING cold here today. I think it was down to 1...but I was actually very cold! Does that mean that I've been in London for too long if I am finding 1 cold?!

Sorry I didn't write one last night but I was way to sleepy to even blink never mind write something that I wanted people to understand! I would like to thank Chlorisa for the reminder!

Last week was a good busy week, the days are just flying by! Seems like I am just dreading Monday morning and before I know it, I'm leaving work on Friday evening! The days are also getting longer so it is less depressing leaving work.

Thursday night me and Marlee went to the Lion King with our friends Phoebe and Charmine. I only have one word...WOW. First of all, the set was just amazing. Every time i go to a musical I sit there in awe the whole time. Within the first two minutes I had shivers throughout my body and tears in my eyes. I don't know what I was expecting, but I certainly was not expecting what I saw. For the opening and the Circle of Life song, all the animals came onto the stage. There were elephants, and gazelle's, and zebras and elephants and my favourite the giraffes. I would recommend you try to youtube it to try and watch a video. I've attached one there but i'm just not sure if it will work- youtube might disable it. Regardless, try it out.

This weekend me and Marlee decided to head to Bristol. Bristol is in the south western part of England and is about 2 1/2 hours out of London. We went by bus as it was cheapest..only 12 pounds there and back! Apparently on MegaBus if you book early enough in advance the trips are like a pound each! We stayed at Heather and Keisha's (they are both from Moose Jaw and went to the UofR too) So that was a ton of fun, and I'm sure they had a blast being our tour guides. On the way to Bristol, it was nice to see the landscape of London, believe it or not, we have not really been outside London besides on our way to Scotland. I had a extreme case of Deja Vu on the way because we drove through this thick forest with lots of spruce trees. Reminded me a lot of the drive to Hudson Bay. Also, on the way I saw many a cow and TONS of green green grass! Lucky! Also, en route I noticed about a million and a half sheep. hey mom--remember that time you hit those sheep? People don't forget! hahaha

Anyways, we rolled into Bristol and Heather picked us up from the bus stop and we went to her house to drop off our bags and use the facilities. After that, we hit the town for some exploring. First we went to the Clifton Bridge which is what Bristol is famous for. The bridge, similar to one that crosses the massive Assiniboine river has been standing since the 1800's. Now that's built to last. This bridge just isn't your normal everyday bridge...this one..LINKS two pieces of land with a river underneath it. mind blowing..i know! heheehe. The bridge was very pretty and the mountainous terrain on the side was also very pretty. Check out my facebook for pictures!

Then, while near the bridge, we went down through this cave to stand on this totally random balcony on the side of the mountain. The cave, I'm not going to lie was scary as hell. It was so stuffy and small. Some parts I even had to mind my head! Can you imagine someone like my brother going through there! whew! After the bridge we headed back downtown Bristol for some eats. We went to this place called the "ostrich inn" I will give you one guess as to what they serve. YUP- ostrich. I had an ostrich burger. Ok, that's a lie, but this burger was a massive piece of work. If you took 23.5 mcdonalds burgers and piled them onto each other you may be getting close to the size of the burger we had here! After lunch, we tried to go on a boat in Bristol's floating harbour, but we had no luck. I think that the chances of me going on a boat that actually MOVES in the UK are slim to none.

We then decided that it would be a good idea to TRULY get the feel of Bristol by staring at the walls of a dance club for the rest of the night. I normally choose to leave out trips to the bar in this blog, but this bar could NOT be left unmentioned. I've never seen such a place in my life, nor have I seen such a variety of people. Now, all you people who know the popular nightclub, "JD's" in Regina, now the true shadiness of it. Well this place made JD's look like the classiest night club in the whole world! There were people above 70 dressed like they were 20, there were people above 20 dressed like they were 70, there were people dressed in nothing at all, there were people dressed as if I never got the memo and Halloween came early in Bristol! There were however some pretty normal people, and we had a TON of fun!

Finally, we arrived home on Sunday to make our annual Sunday Roast. I think it really is impossible to get SICK of eating a chicken dinner. yum!

Currently, me and Marlee are busy booking our tickets and looking up things to do in Stockholm Sweden and Berlin Germany, where we will be heading next week for half term break!! It's supposed to be like -9 though, so it's going to be chilly! Then, back to work and only 6 weeks till my mother and father show face in london! WeO!

Weekly garbage update...

Fox/cat 1 Crystal 0

jokes on me. The creature got into my shanti and KNOCKED IT OVER!
stay tuned for more local updates.

Talk to everyone soon! Don't be a stranger, send a message or a call or anyting!


Chantal said...

I checked out the Lion King video, it looked amazing, I can't even imagine seeing it live, so jealous! I hope we can go to one when I come to visit!

Anonymous said...

Like Chantal, I watched the Lion King video and am quite jealous. I hope to see it live one day as well.


Chlorisa said...

Thanks for letting us know that you do in fact use the facilities in the UK, I was getting worried about you, wasn't sure how much longer you could hold it :P