Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey there!
This weekend I am NOT disappointing, hence, a blog ON Sunday! In fact, I just got up and am still laying in bed writing this. I can't believe it is only 9 and I think I slept in SO LONG! whew, I guess an extra four hours of sleep from the weekly alarm at 5:30 am IS a sleep in! I don't know how my father gets up at that hour everyday. Gross- my question to this is: is it the Pepsi?

My week was good! Hard to believe that in only three weeks we have mid term break already. School is STILL cool for me. This week I took the kids from my class on a field trip to check out the 2012 Olympic site. It was very successful for my first field trip EVER! I could only take 12 of the 20 so it was nice and easy but FAR from relaxing!This lady who was sent to go with me had not a clue about young children's needs I think she thought they were grown adults. We basically ran to the tube stop, threw the kids on the escalator (AHHHHH!!!) then threw them on the tube. It's kind of nerve racking making sure all the kids get on the tube. When we got to stratford (it's very very very close to my school) we got to go up into this viewing gallery on a 29th floor to have a big look of everything. It was far over the kids head, but I thought it was interesting. The Olympic site is costing 9 billion pounds! It was really cool to see how everything was already coming together.
Because we were learning about the olympics I thought it was the PERFECT time to teach them all about Canada! I hear them in the home corner playing house talking about going on a trip to Canada. ah hah, SUCCESS! We played on the Vancouver 2010 website on the SMART board all week. Any chance I get to throw in a CANADA fact I do!

On Thursday night my agency had a drink night in central London so we hit that up. Not only was it FREE drinks but also FREE appy's. You really can't go wrong in a situation such as this. We walked into the pub and the guy at the door knew all of us, how awesomely creepy is that?! He apparently "recognized" us from our pictures at the office. "Oh Crystal Ward" "Oh Marlee Hough" SMART sends out this picture of us when we are booked into a school. This picture was taken when we FIRST got here and we were living in a hostel without a blow dryer OR straightener so you can just IMAGINE what that looks like. The schools probably think that SMART is sending them some sort of hobo. eeesshh. There was this gentleman from London there and me and Marlee got talking to him and basically making fun out of eachothers accents as per usual. We were talking about different words for different things. We taught him that we call our underwear, gotch and panties. I think my new mission is to spread the word gotch around London. Anyways, the drink night was really fun and of course we met some more Canadians and some more Australians.

News as Marlee Hough Sees It

I think I better give an update on the life of Marlee Anne Monica Hough since I know that a lot of her fans are reading this blog!

Marlee is currently under quarenteen for her obssession with 5 cent candies. She is under careful watch by the Bristish Government and CCTV (closed curcuit television) She recently had a melt down when she realized that they are not "5 cents" here but rather 5p candy. She is now locked in her room and I am in charge of leaving food at her door in the morning and night. She is going through a withdraw and has cold sweats.
We all wish her a speedy recovery.

Also in the world of Marlee:
Marlee got a job this week at a school VERY close to our house. It's basically the dream job as she is team teaching in reception. She gets classroom duties as well as she is in charge of teaching the EAL kids English. She has 23234028340 or so kids in her class so it's great that she has another teacher in there with her.
She wakes up around 6:20 when I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth on my way out of the house. To that I say - "I hate you marlee hough"
But - I'm glad that she now has a job that she loves as well. It's nice to be able to talk about what we are doing and what not since we are now both teaching reception. (for those that forget - reception ISN'T the front desk of the school OR the event that takes place after the church service at a wedding but rather kindergarten!)

and that's how marlee sees it.

The weekend was VERY low key which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Friday night we went for groceries and watched LOST all night. Then Saturday I babysat and had a blast as per usual. Then I FINALLY got a hair cut, first one since I got here. I think my hair looked like a man from the 80's who had shoulder length hair and always ran his hair through it. Since I AM a female living in 2010 I thought I'd better deal with that!

Alright, well thats all for now! I hope everyone has an amazing time at home in all the snow. I miss the feeling of a big snow fall. Seeing everyone shoveling and plowing and helping eachother and rosy cheeks and the thought that there is no way you can make it back to the city.

Love you All!!

Ps. Happy Birthday for Monday January 25th daddio!

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Glad you are both working full time.The snow was awesome.