Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey Everyone!
Time to get back onto the "Sunday Evening Blog Writing" schedule again!
I hope everyone is settling back into work after the holidays and are all still managing with their new years resolutions!

As far as it goes for me- all is well. Finally got some rest this weekend after a super busy holiday. We saw so many things and tried so many new things that it was amazing. Had to go back to work to get some rest!

On Monday, I did not have to work so me, Marlee, Carrie and Jerid hit the town nice and early and headed down to the Queen's house to watch the Changing of the Guard. This event happens every other day in the winter at 11:30AM. We got there right around 11 and whew for people. There were more people there than there is at Monday night BINGO in preeceville. Everyone wants to see the guards change apparently. We did manage to find a spot where we could see into the gates of the palace. We watched the dudes march by, the marching band play, as well as a horse guard go by. All in all, it was indeed pretty neat to see. Is it worth however to stand and be pushed by someone twice your body weight? That's a question to ask Marlee however. You could ask me what it is like to have someone about 4'10 speaking another language trying to push you aside to see what's going on. She thought she had me, but i planted my feet and there was no way I was budging! My question to HER is-- are you even part of the commonwealth? After the changing of the guard we walked through St. James' park and came across a quaint little hot dog stand. This hot dog was better than the one in Bath, but the search for the amazing hot dog continues. After the hot dog eating, we walked to Leicester Square to buy some discounted musical tickets. Then we went to Camdentown Market which was amazing fun. Before me and Marlee had went on a Sunday afternoon which was indeed a mistake. Going on a Monday afternoon allowed us to actually look at things in the market as well as watch Carrie talk people into giving her a lower price-which turned out to be quite entertaining. Finally, we headed back to Leicester Square and had some Pizza Hut for supper...(yuuummmmmm...)

I seriously had the time of my life at Dirty Dancing. WOw. Wow. Wow. As I'm sure everyone has watched Mr. Swayze dance a time or two you'll know the complexity of the set in Dirty Dancing. One second they are in a car, the next they are in the kitchen, the next they are in the staff quarters and so on and so forth. The broadway version was exactly the same, the sets were always magically transforming in front of our eyes. Blew my mind away. The dancing was nothing less than perfect, Baby was cast as the perfect Baby and Johnny was beautiful. My favourite part was when Johnny came running through the audience at the end (you know..when he says NObody puts Baby in a corner) It seriously put tears in my eyes! SO amazing!

We didn't get home until around 11:30 and I had to be up and attempt by 5:30 the next morning. I was seriously dead to the world on Tuesday for my first day of work. As I think I've written in previous blogs, I've finally captured a long term teaching position! I'm teaching in a reception class and have 20 students, three of which are autistic. The school has a high importance on assessment and if after this job I don't know how to assess, I mid as well quit being a teacher. If we are caught without a sticky note pad for taking down observations we get into trouble! The school has a computer program which tracks every child. It's an electronic portfolio, I'm going to put the program on my computer so I'll be able to share with all my teaching buddies when I get home! The only problem with this job is that it is 4325029834934 hours away. It takes me an hour and a half to get to the school each morning. I am getting very familiar with the "head bob on the tube" and manage to catch about an hour of extra sleep on my way to school. I am going to miss my stop someday soon I'm sure of it! I am NOT complaining though as I am so grateful to go to the same place everyday and get work everyday.

As all of you are aware London was hit with a BIG winter storm this past week. I know that all the news coverage in Canada was showing it. I think that the fact that Canada was showing it is absolutely HILARIOUS! Most schools were shut down two days and there was disruptions on the tube and there were people stranded and there were people stuck and people dead and blah blah blah. Truth was, on Tuesday when I left my school i was shocked as to the amount of snow that was falling. Even in Canada I would have called it a blizzard. The snow was really heavy and really wet causing everything to be really slippery. Aside from Tuesday, the winter storm really wasn't a winter storm by Canadian definition though. In the paper on Tuesday morning I read this HUGE article about how everyone in England was out in the grocery store stocking up on things such as milk and bread to last them through the winter storm. PREPAREEE FOR THE ICE AGE! Also, perhaps more amusing, it was noted that the sales of thermal underwear jumped 150%. Now there really is only snow in some places but there IS ice. I think they used all the salt to early. Walking outside on the side walk is basically giving yourself the threat of death. It's more icy than a skating rink, no lies. I am glad that in 80 years I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I, their grandmother survived the worst winter storm in England in the last 30 years. Yup- i was there. Yup- I survived.

We sent of Jerid to South Africa Tuesday evening. :( sad! He made it there and is doing amazing already! It was sooo great to have him here as he lights up any room he walks into. Carrie was scheduled to leave Wednesday morning at 11 AM. However, with the big storm, her flight was delayed. Then her flight was canceled. The poor girl had to spend the night in the airport. I'm sure she got out her knitting and knitted away for hours. I bet airports really are amazingly comfy to hang out in for 30 hours. She finally got away on Thursday morning. whew! I again was sad to see her go as we had so many great laughs! I can't wait for my next company!!

Things I've learned this week....

1)Don't leave your luggage unattended. These dummies decided that it would be ok to leave their luggage on the side of the street while they watched the changing of the guards. A police officer didn't think it was the best idea and threatened the people to take it. ha ha ha. People are stupid - guess they've never heard of BOMB BOMB BOMB. Maybe leaving a mysterious suitcase beside the Queen's house ISN'T the best idea. I still wanna try it so that good looking cops can threaten me ;)

Talk to you soon!

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I am sooo jealous - I love that show Dirty Dancing and it would be sooo awesome to see it on stage. Going to see all these big musicals would be such a highlight for me.