Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hey everyone! I decided that it would be best if I broke down EACH and every day of our Scotland trip per blog so sit back and relax for the chapter book that is about to unfold!

Day 1

We headed off to Kings Cross St. Pancras (NOT pronounced pancreas like the body part) for a 10:30 departure to Glasgow, Scotland!

We loaded up our backpacks which weighed wayyy to much- but you never know what you will need. I used the old boy scout trick that dad taught me and rolled up all my clothes to put into my backpack. I did fail to use the rest of his knowledge that you CAN wear the same clothes for a couple days. BUT--be prepared right? None the less, we were off to a great start for phase 1. We made it to the train station and got onto the train with no problems. The train ride was nice and smooth, we played some cards, looked at the sights and had a debate about a group of sheep. I made a comment that my mom hit a flock of sheep once and then it turned into a debate! We didn't know what the heck it was called- an hour later we decided we should just wait until we had a computer to google it. YUP- it's a flock! On the train we also enjoyed some home made sandwiches- something that became a tradition on every train ride then on.

We rolled into Glasgow around 3:30 and settled into our hostel for the evening. By this time it was already dark, so we ventured around our area and checked out a few things, but overall Glasgow was pretty darn boring. There was no one really out pubs, I mean it WAS Sunday night but people must have missed the memo that the three Canadians were rolling into town.

Since Glasgow forgot to roll out the red carpet for us we settled into bed preparing for our early 7AM start for day two.....

Things I learned in Scotland

1. Flock of sheep - not a gaggle or a heard or a school or a murder like other familiar animals we all know and love.

2. In the UK they think that the perfect time to have a carnival is in the dead of winter. We always see randoms parking lots with big carnivals set up. Yes- I'm talking ferris wheels, massive slides, merry-go-rounds, cotton candy and hot dogs. WHY in god's name would you think it's a good idea to have one of these in the winter time. Who in Canada would hit one of these up?? I wonder how often they have to pry a tongue off a frozen piece of metal at these events...

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