Saturday, December 26, 2009

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Day numba five

We got to start our day a little bit later which was lovely because we hadn't slept past seven on the whole vacation. We woke up had some breakfast and decided to check out Glasgow until we left at 3.

For some reason Kristin decided we should check out the train station to confirm what time we left. Upon arriving, Kristin talked to a person working and this nice lady told us that it would be smart for us to get on the next train. The weather was apparently bad and was causing delays all over the place. We then had to hike back to the hostel to get our bags. We got on the train to Edinburgh around 12 o'clock expecting it only to take the normal 50 minutes. We rolled into Edinburgh at 3 o'clock, there were in fact delays. At one point we were stopped in the middle of no where for 50 minutes while we waited for the train ahead of us to get towed. We made the best of it and made a sandwich.

Once we got into Edinburgh we jumped on the first train to London. We got onto the train we left Edinburgh and within three minutes THIS train was now stopped. Apparently the driver had to do some safety inspection. UGH! We played some cards, laughed and yes you guessed it-made a sandwich.

We rolled into London around 8 o'clock and finally made it back home.

Overall, our trip was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better trio to travel with. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard for so long in my life. There wasn't a moment where we were annoyed with each other or anything. We had so much fun and every moment was indeed a new adventure. I can't even capture the trip throughout these blogs but I hope that I have given everyone a good idea of what we all saw and did.

Once we got home we went to midnight mass. Midnight mass was very good and I'm glad we did manage to go to Church on Christmas Eve. The carols were sung different and it was hard for us to follow. It was definitely less entertaining the normal lisoway-ward Christmas eve rendezvous. There was no one choking on bread and no one singing funny. Quiet really!

Christmas day was also very good. I sort of thought that I would be a huge sad sack for the whole day but instead I had a lovely day. I was surrounded by good people and we had many good laughs. I got to open a present from ma and pa and it was a Craven Ticket! YAY! I think it was mom's way of making sure I come home! We made this HUGE Christmas dinner complete with chicken, potatoes, veggies, gravy, dressing and wine. We then enjoyed a few games of cards and had a nice evening! I got to talk on the phone to mom and dad, grandma John, Aunty fern & family and to my surprise William :)

Now that the trip is done, I am getting very excited for the arrival of Carrie and Jerid!

Thing's I've Learned....

1. Christmas is celebrated by everyone very differently. To me Christmas means lots of snow and good cheer. However, to people that I have met from Australia it means sitting on the beach for a nice BBQ. This year, even though I was so far away from home with no snow, it still felt like Christmas because of the people I surrounded myself with :)

2. Train delay's suck. Between Glasgow and Edinburgh the train was stuffed. We managed to get two seats so all three of us were sitting on these two seats. ugh!

3. Haggis, neeps and tatties are a tasty treat even if you just get a "wee" taste"

Alright, well that is all for now! I hope you enjoy the million new blogs i have written today. I decided that it would best to write one for each day because I did not want to miss a moment!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Your blogs of your trip were very interesting.Glad you had a good Christmas.Keep them coming.