Thursday, October 26, 2006

Online Safety

Hey everyone, sorry i have not written in the last week or so like everyone else the school is catching up to me! I have also been sick, but I finally went to the doctor and got some medicine so I will be better in no time!
So tonight I was watching my favorite show, ONE TREE HILL! Anyways, tonight episode was very interesting. It was mainly about the character "Petyton" who always has pod casts for anyone to watch on the internet. However, there was this stalker dude who was well..stalking her. He showed up at her door posing as her long lost brother after she had said in her pod cast that she had a brother that she had never met. Peyton believed all the lies that this derick dude had to say. He found out everything about her through these pod casts and even foudn out a way to track her down and actually meet her. Anyways, the rest is history, so he shows up posing as her brother and whatever and finally is going to rape her (?) or so the viewer is led to believe. Although this could be called a teenager soap opera it has a lot of real life issues. The idea of online safety defintely came up tonight. It shows that we as people really need to be careful at who is allowed to view such things as podcasts. Podcasts can be great and completely beneficial but in an extreme case such as this can lead to rape or even murder. This guy was so obsessed with peyton that he had a huge tattoo on his back of one of her portraits. This is a serious issue! what do you guys all think?!


Kubs said...

Hey Crystal! I agree that one must always be careful with the internet, whether it be my space, msn, blogging, podcasts, etc. You never know who you are talking to! I love that popular TV shows such as One Tree Hill are starting to portray such issues in their scripts. The fact is this is reality, it is not something that we can hide. It is a dangerous problem. We need to be aware of it before it catches up to us!

Sheri said...

Hey Good points!
I should start watching this show to learn more I guess. Like what has been mentioned on bloggers before a good way to watch what your children are doing or who they are talking to, is to keep the computer out of their bedroom. This idea can allow for better monitoring purpose.