Wednesday, October 11, 2006


One must love going home back to a very small community. In preeceville if you need to run up town to buy a carton on milk, count on it that it will take about an hour! I just go up town when I get home because my mom needed some cream for the pie :) Anywase...i finally show up back home an hour later. Everyone just loves to visit with you and see how the "big" city is treating you. Its kind of crazy to actually think that people that you hardly know are so interested in how you are doing! It was nice to be home and doing nothing but hanging out. I got a chance to go back to my school and visit a few teachers again. Our school has a thing called the "superseries" and friday night was superspike. Its a GREAT fundraiser that our school puts on. There was about 20 volleyball teams there with lots of fun games. I got a chance to visit with my old grade 2 and 3 teacher there. Shes the best, i love going home to visit with her. She has all these little hints as well as dilemmas that i will have to experience when i get into the career. She is so supportive and I think she'd even die for me if needed LoL! So after the school social time, me and all my highschool graduating friends headed on down to the good old "gw". We convinced the bartenders to give us a good drink special...and they we all had a wonderful time, even if the next morning wasn't so wonderful! Anywase, thats about all i have to say, till next time....keep it between the navigational beacons, and catch ya on the flipside!

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