Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday October 16

hello everyone out there. So this weekend was a damn good time! For a weekend when you tell yourself that you are NOT going to go out but instead stay home and get some work done..yeah didn't happen. Friday night went to the pump it was a good time, there was lots of peope there. Some bad stuff went down at the pump that I got blamed for..but honestly was his decision not mine! lol..anywase...saturday night i went over to a friends then hit up denny's for breakfast at 2:30 AM..... Yesterday whew...hit up homework all day with Krysta and Garrett. Wow..we taped Garrett singing a song for us "Dirty Pop" funny funny! ECE class is getting a bit crazy with our crazy project that we are not even done and it is due TOMORROW! AHHHH thats all i really have to say, so until next time catch ya on the flip side...AND please fight your own battles! hahahahahahahahaha

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