Monday, February 22, 2010

Alright here goes some more of the trip.
Now where did I leave off...I'm pretty sure that I had JUST explained the results of watching tv with non-canadians!

Day numba tree

Me and Marlee rolled out of bed fairly early - partly not by choice. We both got the worst sleep of life because of some room mates. I mean, we WERE in a hostel where basically people leave and come and any and every time of the day, but really common sense is always appreciated.

I have compiled a list of ways to make sleeping room mates angry, I have tested each of these ideas, three times.

1. Turn on ALL the lights at 4:23 in the morning. The beds are equipped with ikea's finest night lights but please, don't use them because you really do need the brightest light to crawl into bed.

2. Jump around on the top bunk trying to make your bed. It creates an amazing squeeking sound that the person on the bottom is SURE to enjoy.

3. Talk on your cell phone in another crazy language and laugh..a lot. There is nothing that people like to hear's like hearing a beginner on the clarinet.

4. undo, then do, then undo, then do, then undo, then do up every zipper on your back pack..JUST to make sure they are all in good working order. Hell if you are really feeling it even start doing this to other room mates back packs.

So day three started out to be a very tired morning (mostly because I was up testing all the above methods!) But, being the true adventurists that we are, we wanted to head over to the Old part of Stockholm, called "old town." Fitting, I know. We first of all, couldn't find it for the life of us, because I thought my "internal gps" was better than it was. We had walked to the old town the first night there, so I was using landmarks to get us back. Marlee didn't appreciate my internal gps and the fact that I had a map in my hand, but was disregarding it! I swear that I could have got us there, but as I told her, due to the lateness of the summer solstice the sun was out of position. We FINALLY got to the palace and by this time my feet were as dry as a log sitting at the bottom of the ocean for 333 years. I might add that it was colder than a witches heart and windier than the backside of my uncles after christmas dinner. So yes, you get the drift, cold and windy, and snowy. BUT we were determined to check out the palace. So, we strolled in there and watched the changing of the guard, which really is just a joke. The guys who work there were just chilling and hanging out rather than looking too serious. After that, we got some tickets to check out some of the buildings in the palace. Our first tour was of the crown jewels, it was in english, but the guy who was doing it, clearly wasn't the best choice. Yeah, it was bad. Then we went to see where the big rollers slept, we checked out a few rooms, got tired, and left. whoops.

By this time, it was frrrreeezzing, and it was already 6pm so we grabbed some supper and honestly were in bed by 8 because we had to be up at 2 in order to get to the airport to get to Berlin! This time, being the smarty pants that we are purchased ear plugs for the low cost of 5pence. I slept like a baby, but my counterparts apparently was watching some Olympics in the middle of the night.

Two Thirty AM ----- We got up, got dressed and were out the door by 3 to get to the station to catch the bus to the airport. At 3:40 we were boarded our first mode of transportation for the day, and made it to the john Deere shop of an airport and were on our plane (which was cold and frosty, they had to scrape the windows) and off we were the world of Germany....stay tuned for more...

Things I learned about Sweden

1. You know how people overcompensate when trying to impersonate different accents? I believe that the way people talk like they are from "sveedeeen yaaa" is true. They really do talk like that.

2. The "I'm helpless" look that you give people when you really just don't want to figure it out yourself works wonders in Sweden. People will always stop and ask if you need help.

3. Kex bars are delicious. I don't actually know if this statement has to do with anything, but these chocolate bars were everywhere so I assume they are kind of a big deal there.

4. It's cooolllddd in Sweden.

Stay tuned for the invasion of Berlin Germany where the two innocent girls get in trouble with the law. bah bah cliff hanger..

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Lynz the Bynz said...

I am curious about these Kex bars. Perhaps one day soon one will visit Meadow Way in the mail? lol. k i actually nearly fell off my chair when I read the list of ways to annoy roommates!! BAHHA!! That reminds me of camping, u need something from your bag, just zzzzzzzzzzzzzip open, zzzzzzzzzzzzzip closed! hahaha! tooo good!