Friday, November 10, 2006

Telecollaborative Projects (tech task #5)

The Teddy Bear Project

So I did some searching and I found a very interesting telecollaborative project to be used in a classroom. When I was in about grade 3, my cousin did a project where they got a frog and sent it by mail to people. It was almost like a chain mail, but instead an object. Along with this frog came things like a care package, how to care for the frog as well as a diary. We had to take the frog everywhere for a week, then write about it before sending it on to someone totally different. The frog that I recieved from my cousin had just come from another one of her cousins in the United States. It was very interesting to see al the different thigngs it had done. The telecollaborative project I found is the "high tech" version of this! So how it would work is a classroom from somewhere across the world would send a teddy bear or another soft toy by air mail. When the class in say Regina recieved it, they would write an email at least once a week telling everyone what their bear had done. This gives a child from someplace far away to see first hand what life in a place like Regina, Saskatchewan would be. Children would also take pictures if they wanted of their community and landscape perhaps with the bear in it, also giving the children a good idea of what it is like. This would be great not only to learn things about geography but also about a whoel different culture! It would be great for any age group and every classroom would be excited to recieve something from another class from the other side of the world! A project such as this, shows how snail mail really is disapearing and the world of technology is entering! To check out this particular telecollaborative project just click the link at the top!

Catch ya on the flip side! Crystal

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