Wednesday, November 22, 2006

End approaching fast

Wow, that is the only word that comes to mind when i think about how fast this semester went by. It seems like yesterday was my last day of work and all the hustle bustle of moving back to the city. Oh well, now it is near the end of the semester and one takes time to think about their accomplishments, where they have failed and everything else. It is also a time to realize everything you have planned and "promised" over the past semester has come up a little bit short. All those big schemes changed and none of them happened. For example, I planned on the beginning of the semester that i would keep more organized and would not procrastinate. But once again, failed to do that! Oh well..then i think about my friends, the ones in Regina and the ones not. It is sad that we have not honored our plans to hang out. I lived in Rez at College West last year and made really good friends, i promised i'd be back so much to visit, turns out i have been there once! ONCE in 3 months..sad.. Also told my old roomate that we would have to hang out this semester, yup i've only sat down with her twice! Then i think about all the plans to travel to see friends. I certainly haven't been to Carlyle to visit a friend..only been to saskatoon once! Oh well i think that is just how things work. However, when i sit back and think about what i haven't done, it makes me realize just how much i HAVE done as well. I've defintely become better friends with some people here in Regina, i have had tons of fun outside of school and heck even inside! I have also even come to terms with some people who were said to be my "enemies" I think there comes a time in life when everyone thinks about where they are in life, and it is important to be constantly evaluating their progress. Anways, thats just my random thought of the night...

Catch ya on the flip side!

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Sheri said...

WOW buddy Iam impressed! You must have been on a emotional level to right this. However, I agree 100%. Life changes, people change, things happen. I mean school takes a lot out of a person and when it comes down to it, we just don't have the time to "visit" I would have liked to do a lot of things this year, but never got around to them. School is very important part of me right now and basically it comes first in my books. The people true in my life will understand and will be there no matter what. So rock on for thinking about these things...and well you're still young you will get 'em all done! LOL