Monday, March 15, 2010

Wow..I think I almost forget how to write one of these it's been so long!
Alright....soooo back track like three weeks and we'll get to my last blog. Not much has gone on since the last one I wrote, maybe that is the reason I haven't felt compelled to write. I'd hate to bore all my readers!

First of all, we had a blast with Amanda and Kerri who were visiting us for a week. Turned out the week that they were here, i didn't work much, so i got to enjoy doing all the touristy things once again. I really have not gotten sick of seeing the big sights such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben and I STILL enjoy the walking tour. We'll see how I feel after doing it for a third time when my parents are here! I also enjoy anticipating the questions the tour guide asks especially when he is thinking that there is NO ONE on the tour that would know. Jokes on him - sorry to the tour guide for ruining his fun. The girls definitely got the huge crash course on London and for the most part i think they got to really experience the culture and people of London. Me and Marlee had a blast teaching them all the lingo and the do's and dont's of London. It's hard to believe that just 5 months ago we were learning everything for ourselves. It's nice to be able to share what we know with our nearest and dearest now. I think back now and I remember thinking and writing that there is NO WAY i'll ever know how to get around London, I'll never know their Lingo and I certainly will NEVER like the popular "prawn cocktail" flavoured chips. Well, truth is I CAN get around London, I'm beginning NOT to tell kids to pull up their pants, AND I am infact IN LOVE with prawn cocktail chips!

One of the highlights over the past month was watching the Gold Medal hockey game! Let's talk about amazing! The girls (Amanda and Kerri) were out galavanting so me and Marlee headed over to a pub with some of our other Canadian friends and had a great time cheering on Canada. On our way home from the game, the streets of London were erupting with excitement. Every tube stop there was cheering, I can't even IMAGINE what it was like to be in Canada for that game! amazing! Throughout the Olympics I was SO proud to be canadian, especially when my beau won gold in curling. During the Olympics we met many people from Britan that were cheering for Canada. Actually scratch that, I'm not sure if they were CHEERING for Canada or just really hoping the Americans didn't win.

I've been doing a lot of teaching anywhere and everywhere. I am absolutely loving just doing supply work again, which is a clear sign that my previous gig was not right for me. I am also enjoying waking up a decent hour and the fact that my free time is my free time again. I've been going to a lot of schools that I have been to in the past, which is nice to see familiar faces. Some days I still have to travel a long way, but all in all, it's been pretty close. Last week I taught at the school that Marlee is teaching in. I felt like a little child on their first day of school or an excited puppy who finally got to go on an outing. I sat on the bus ever so proud beside Marlee. I had a great two days in her school and think that it would be pretty stellar to be able to go to work with her everyday! Her school really is amazing and the staff is absolutely lovely!

That is all that has been really happening in the life of Crystal Ward - not so exciting! I am now anticipating the arrival of my parents. I am in the process of booking all of our little trips while they are here. I am excited to see them and to show them all I know about the city. We are going to do things such as a free walking tour, visit the Imperial War Museum, take in a musical, get them some fish and chips, a trip on the London Eye and whatever else we can fit in! We are also planning a trip to Alderley Edge to do some family research, Liverpool to meet the Beatles, and Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone! I am excited to see their interpretation of the life in london!

Weekly Garbage Update....

Mr. Fox is STILL eating garbage. In fact, about a week ago, two young Canadian girls had a chicken that had gone bad in their fridge. They got rid of it by tossing it into a black garbage bag and setting it on the side of the road for garbage disposal. Mr. Fox after smelling the sweet sweet smell of saminila, drug the tasty chicken across the road. Passerbyers were able to spot a whole chicken on the side of the road for 24 hours. No charges have been pressed and the investigation continues.

I was thinking about writing a blog just talking about general life in England (from my view) What are some questions that people have? maybe the next blog will be devoted to YOUUU...

Until Next time...peace!

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Anonymous said...

When we were in Cuba we watched the gold medal olympic hockey game on a big screen in the lobby bar area with close to 200 other people crowded in there. Judging by the wild amount of cheering I am assuming they were all
Canadians or cheering for them. It was VERY cool-some were wearing olympic mitts and olympic toques. Even the Cubans were excited- IT WAS AWESOME.