Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alright, so it's been a while! I'm SOOORRRYY! Thanks to Katelyn, Carrie and Jessica who keep me on top of writing!

Not a whole lot has been happening here in the life of Crystal Ward, just the regular working and such.

Highlights of the past week(s)...

Drew arrived here last Sunday at 7 am into gatwick. I left the house at a painful 4:30 am in order to get to the airport in time. In my sleep, I took the wrong bus and blah blah blah. Long story short I literally made it to the Easy Bus at 6:25....and the bus left at 6:25. Baby jesus was on my side that day, as the Easy Bus showed up late! I made it to the airport at my correct time, picked up drew and off we went. Because of weekend tube interruptions, it took 8 million hours to get home. I left at 4:30 and got home at 11:30.

Things I could do in 7 hours
1. drive back and forth from Preeceville to Regina 2.5 times.
2. Read every book that Robert Munsch has written twice.
3. write 3 incredibly funny blogs.
4. Watch paint dry.
5. prepare 420 batches of minute rice.

After, me and Marlee prepared the normal Sunday roast, but this time with stuffing AND perogies! SCORE! Since Drew got here, we've been busy doing some sight seeing and socializing.

One highlight of drew's tour was the attendance to "We Will Rock You." We will rock you is a musical with music by Queen. It was great! It was the first musical that I went to that I hadn't seen the movie or heard anything about. At first, I thought I would be disappointed with it, because of it's weird story line. I don't really like "sci-fi" and the beginning is weird like that. However, by the end I was IN LOVE. There is something about a musical that I love. I could go every night of the week and not get sick of them!

Also, on Sunday me, marlee, drew, kristin, simon, brenden and Kelly, Steve and Claire (Marlee works with Kelly) all went to our first Rugby game. It was the London Irish playing Sale Sharks! Because it was the special St. Patrick's Day game, there was lots of festivities before the game started. We left our house at 9:30 even though the game didn't commence until 3 in the afternoon. In proper game fashion, we cracked our first beer at 9:30! hehe, we got our face painted, got awesome London Irish flags and enjoyed some Irish music. At 3, we had an absolute ball watching rugby! I was VERY thankful for Simon there to explain the rules of rugby to me! I think I understand, but if you've ever been to a rider game with me, you know that I enjoy the socializing/ cheering when everyone else does rather than the actual game! I was quite disappointed with the sideline entertainment because there was no Gainer, no cheerleaders and no security guards who used to work at walmart! Also, I was missing my brother for entertainment!

We have a full house now as Marlee's family arrived here yesterday! Welcome Kelly Shawn and Kristen! We are so thrilled to have them here, and have air mattresses blown up on every surface possible. It is certainly cozy here and it is SO nice to have family here. They've been busy enjoying the rainy London weather. the weather certainly wasn't on their side! Thankfully, they've got a lot more time for the weather to turn around!

NOW, I am desperately waiting for the arrival of my parents. Even just writing this gives me happy shivers! They get here on Thursday morning at 7, so once again it will be an early day! I am on holidays for the WHOLE duration so that's great!

Tube News (as requested by Katelyn Haskell)
Since I've arrived I have perfected the "tube stare." For most Canadians, the "tube stare" is skill that would be equivalent to the appendix in the body, it's there but really serves no purpose. Now you are thinking....what IS the tube stare? Well, look no further..
On public transport in London, it is an unspoken rule, do not make eye contact, do not smile and certainly do not even CONSIDER making casual conversation with the handsome chap to your left. At first, I though that this was completely and utterly stupid and annoying. However, as time has gone on, I find myself avoiding eye contact, NEVER smiling and certainly not talking about the local happenings or local drunks. After careful research and observation I have compiled a list of things to do to avoid all human contact in the tube.

1. Ipod - This is God's gift to the tube. I see anywhere from 78 year old grandmothers jamming out to their Ipod to babytot's jamming out. I often chuckle to myself imagining exactly what they are listening to but none the less, great idea. Some times, I have my Ipod ear phones in to give the illusion that I am listening, but really, no music is flowing - anything to avoid conversation..right?

2. The Metro or Evening Standard - London tube line's offer free newspapers in the morning and in the evening to keep people from communicating on the tube. I find myself enjoying the Metro in the morning and especially enjoying the "dirty pleasures" section. I know what you are thinking.."London--- you guys are sick..porn section in your paper." Well, to this you are wrong, it just happens to be the name of all the celebrity gossip. Today had a nice article about Ricky Martin being gay! Even if you cannot read I would suggest you get a paper to pretend you can read. Also, grab your own, there is nothing more annoying then someone reading it over your shoulder!

3. Napping - I have definitely perfected this "tube stare." The concept is simple, close your eyes and fall asleep. I wouldn't suggest you sleep for short journey's but for longer journey's it's great. It's really NOT so great when you sleep past your stop and end up in Timbuktu which can easily be avoided by setting an alarm on your mobile.

4. Mobile phones - A lot of the underground is indeed underground and the mobile "tube stare" does not apply. However, it is handy to have a mobile phone to reread boring texts, change your phone settings, delete contacts and the list goes on.

5. All of the above - have your Ipod in, newspaper in hand while sleeping. It looks hilarious but believe me, people will be too scared to talk to you OR make eye contact. It's a sure fire!

Alright, I shall write a blog when my mom and dad leave! I will be busy galavanting London, England and Ireland!
Peace be with all of you!!!


Chlorisa said...

There is a definate flaw in your story, because everyone (well except you) knows that minute rice actually takes 5 mninutes to cook and not one as the name suggests. Therefor you could only cook 84 batches of Minute Rice.

Chlorisa said...

And I dare you, no double dare you to talk to someone, anyone (with in reason, cuz you don't wanna strike up a conversation with the dude who stinks like rotten cheese) on your next tube ride, you know spice things up a bit - London would never see it coming.

Chlorisa said...

And my next point - well I don't really have one, but you did forget to make mention of the garbage situation, I would appreciate an update on the score.

Chlorisa said...

and thats about all :D